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Here’s my take on this weeks current events… in two sent(ence)s.

Angelina’s Double Mastectomy


You go with your bad self Angie.  Safety precautions have never looked hotter.

Speaking of the BRCA1… Erin Silver’s 90210 Finale


What the hell CW, why would you ruin the finale like that?  J’adored hooker Annie’s proposal though.

Rob Kardashian Power Walking Around Town

Rob KardashianI think Rob is doing what I do… you know, wearing “gym” clothes while running errands so you look like you’re working out.  I think he might be Kim’s surrogate, obviously he’s got a bun in the oven.

Princess Merida’s Coronation


I absolutely love Disney’s excuse for sexing up Merida, it was a one time only Coronation outfit, LOL.  I like my princesses glamorous… boo to this change.

Julianne Moore’s Feet


Girl, do you not know your shoe size?… This makes me uncomfortable.  Always remember you can never go wrong with a nude pump.

SNL’s Not Funny Anymore


As if SNL didn’t suck enough after Andy Samberg left, now Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen are leaving?  It’s time to retire the show and bring back Kenan and Kel.

How did you feel about the news this week?  I was pretty underwhelmed with it.

Frock Hard*