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Ipsy is the best subscription ever.  The bags alone are a good enough reason to subscribe….

May Glam BagEach month my glam bag contains enough products for a complete beauty update.  I was beyond pleased with May’s bag, everything in it was perfect for a beach day… and this bag was worth wayyy more than the $10 I paid, werq!

Zoya, Julie: Full Size $8

ZoyaThis little package was gorge.  I’ve gotten a few Zoya samples before, but they’re never full-sized… so I was pretty excited about this one.  I love the color.  Lilac is light, refreshing, and a nice break from pale pink.  This shade has a sparkle to it, which you don’t necessarily notice at first.  I actually hate glitter/sparkles in nail polish, but this doesn’t bother me at all.  I can’t tell if the glitter is silver or white, but I’m down with it.  The consistency of Zoya polishes is right on par with OPI.  Zoya doesn’t clump, it doesn’t dry weird, and it has a glossy finish.  I may have to take a break from gel mani’s to try this polish, but for now it looks damn good in my bathroom cabinet.

Mirabella, Perfecting Powder: Full Size $30

MirabellaAnother stellar packaging job.  I’m not sure if this is full-sized, but it’s big.  I’ve actually been wanting a lighter powder, I haven’t been wearing any lately because it feels heavy.  I freakin love Mirabella products, everything I’ve ever tried is amazing.  This powder is light, sheer, easily blendable, and has a hint of iridescent shimmer.  The shimmer helps you serve up a dewy look, brings out your cleave, and can contour legs.  J’adore a multi-tasker.  I’ll def be using this throughout the summer, and when it runs out I’ll be sad.

Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss, Pink: Full Size $15

JuiceI’m not typically into organic beauty products, I feel like they have no staying power.  When I opened this I thought ehh nice size, I’ll add it to my gloss drawer.

My Lip Gloss Is Poppin

But this isn’t just any gloss, it doesn’t belong in that drawer.  For starters, it smells amazing, exactly like blood oranges… and it makes me want a blood orange mimosa.  The color is also perfection, it would look sickening on any skin tone.  I was intimidated at first because it appears really dark, but it’s actually sheer with an ideal amount of shimmer.  This gloss takes your lips a step above natural.  It’s like natural with a sexy twist… daytime chic-ness.

Yaby Concealer Refill, Buff: Refill $4.85

YabyI thought that this was eyeshadow at first and was like ugh this shit sucks.  Like two days later when I went to try it, I realized it was actually concealer… and I was delighted.  I like the concealer, it’s thick and creamy like Rebel Wilson’s thighs.  It does seem to have a very powdery finish, which I think works better during cooler seasons.  I don’t like the sample, because you kind of can’t keep it covered so it can get messy.  I wouldn’t buy this, but I’ll totes use it up.  Props to Ipsy for tricking me… I probably would’ve hated this if I didn’t mistakenly think it was an eyeshadow sample first.

St. Tropez, One Night Only Instant Glow: Full Size $18

St. Tropez

A one night only tan is a really good idea for me, especially with my track record of abusing self tanner…

Self Tanner Peel OffAnyway, I had just seen the St. Tropez ad featuring Kate Moss and knew it was the next tanner that I had to try.

Kate MossWho wouldn’t want a fake tan (and ass) like that?  I was thrilled when I found this in my bag, because I didn’t feel like taking a trip to ULTA to purchase this weekend.  This tanner smells pretty good, not too chemical-y… but I do get a little hint of hair dye, which shockingly doesn’t bother me since I color my hair a lot.  The consistency of this tanner is perfection.  It’s like a gel bronzer.  The tanner is sheer and coppery, so you can tell if you’ve missed a spot.

BronzerI got instant results, that shizz was on my hand for like 1 minute and I’m already tanner.  The tan that St. Tropez gives you is completely realistic, and not orangey.  I’m def going to pick up the non washable tanner later this week.

Ipsy exceeded my expectations like whoa this month, and I can’t wait for next month.

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