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Here’s my take on this weeks current events… in two sent(ence)s.

A Bizarre Duo


Swifty’s fresh out of song ideas now that she’s single… time to get all up in KStew’s biz.  I’m dying to know, are they friends with benefits?

Taylor Swift’s Stank Face

Taylor Swift Stank Face

Oh you sassy huh?  Looks like Taylor has finally come out of the closet, as a bitch (and I like it).

Kind & Charitable Jodi

Jodi Arias

Jodi is the perfect prisoner, she is kind, she is smart, and she is important.  Whoever gets the locks of love wig made from her hair is one lucky mother frocker.

Matt Damon’s Big Gay Sunday Night

Behind The Candelabra Movie

Matt Damon is soooo gay.  Seriously though, I can’t wait for Sunday.

Hey Mama


Conceited much?  I can’t stand Kanye, and this invitation is absurd.

Rihanna’s New Jorts

Rihanna's New Jorts

That’s a fierce denim belt, but why is there a crotch strap?  Nice ass Rihanna, but doubling up on undies is unnecessary and I don’t want you to get a yeast infection.

How bout that Amanda Bynes bong vase tossing?… J’adore.

Shut The Frock Up*