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Here’s what I was into this week… and what I wasn’t.

1.  E.L.F’s Beach Beauty Book

Beach Beauty BookI love when I score an E.L.F. Beauty Book.  The only place that I ever see them is Target, and they never stay out long… bitches be scoopin them up.  I should’ve gotten the daytime beach book too but it was really bright and colorful, and I like neutrals with a twist.  The nighttime book was gorge.  I think I paid $6 for this, and it contains 16 eyeshadows, 8 lip colors, 2 blushes, and 2 bronzers.  I can create a ton of different looks from this book for day and night, like this one…

Beach Beauty Look

I would werq this look on the daily.  If you ever see an E.L.F. beauty book, buy it.

2.  Organix, Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt SprayEver since John Frieda’s surf spray disappeared, I’ve been looking for a replacement.  A lot of products say “surf” on them and I buy them all, and they all suck.  I was thrilled when I saw this at ULTA, because I love an organic hair product.  I actually used this as soon as I left the store (on the way home).  It smells amaze, and I love the look it gives my hair.  I have a poofy hair texture, it’s not straight, it’s not curly, and it’s not really wavy.  I did nothing with my hair and used this spray, and it looked really good.  The waves in my hair were defined, I guess the salt kind of weighed the frizz down, and I actually looked like I spent a day at the beach.  I’ll be using this throughout the entire year, J’adore.

3.  My Old Navy Sells Accessories

AccessoriesI have no idea if all Old Navy’s are doing this, but mine is.  I asked my cashier about it, and she was really excited too… she said that a boutique is coming in and providing the accessories, they aren’t really Old Navy’s.  Whatevs, they’re sickening.  Everything I saw was gorge, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, sunnies, even headbands.  The accessories were also along the lines of Forever 21 prices, which is amazing.  When you get a bunch of jewelry for $5 – $10 a piece, you can easily transform clothing that you already have.

4.  White Gel Mani’s

White NailsI get sooo down and dirty with white nails during summer.  I usually don’t even switch it up, I rock a white out from May – August… and then I crave dark nails.  At first I hated gel mani’s, but now I like them a lot and I get them almost every week.  Alpine Snow by OPI is by far the best white gel polish that I’ve ever used.  I hate it when whites are slightly sheer and you can see your nail underneath, it makes me cringe.  See me petting Gus Gus?… That manicure is over a week old, I’ve typed up a storm, done numerous amounts of laundry, cleaned my house, applied makeup, played with bad behaved pugs, and my manicure isn’t even chipped. Gel mani’s is where it’s at.

5.  Summer Shandy In A Can

Summer Shandy In A CanThis is my summertime drink of choice.  I’m a little person, so I can easily get trashed from a glass of wine or a cocktail… Beer tends to be a good choice for me.  I love this beer, it tastes amaze, and it’s refreshing.  For some reason I prefer beer in a can, I feel like it stays extra cold (but usually only gross shizz comes in a can).  Whenever my liquor store has canned summer shandy, I have the best weekend ever.

My “I Hate” of The Week

I really don’t know why Abercrombie’s hatred for pleasantly plump peeps is all over the place again (I haven’t bothered to read an article), but I hate it.

A&FAbercrombie’s definition of cool is pretty freakin lame.  I think that Rebel Wilson is cool, and girlfriends got back.  I think that Khloe Kardashian is cool, and she isn’t exactly small.  I also think Solange Knowles is cool, that bitch takes risks and isn’t afraid to look bad.  I’d rather hang out with any of the ladies listed above, then a “cool kid”… and I’m sure you would too.  But seriously, A&F’s clothes aren’t even that great.  As I said before, I’m a little person and when I wear an Abercrombie dress my ass will hang out if I bend over.  So who the hell is this dress made for, an 11 year old?  I also end up altering DIY-ing pretty much any A&F clothes that I own.  In the picture above I cut the hood and sleeve cuffs off of this hoodie, because it was sooo little I couldn’t breathe.  Sorry Abercrombie, Jcrew will always be cooler than you.  I’ll still wear your clothes, but you’re a bunch of assholes.

What were you Frock Stars into this week?  What did you hate?

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