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Normally, I give my take on this weeks current events… in two sent(ence)s… but Miss Thing overshadowed virtually everything that happened this past week.

MandySo, this week my two sents is all about Amanda… Werq!

A Vaginal Slap

Vaginal Slap“He slapped my vagina” is like an accusation I would put out there after a bottle of wine, silly as hell.  Amanda honey, the NYPD was actually trying to kick-start your rap career… they just didn’t understand the concept of beat boxing.

It’s Britney Bitch… Circa 2007

Amanda Bynes mug shoot  as she is being taken into CustodyThere are only two reasons that you would chop off all your hair then proceed to wear wigs, either your weave is so tight it hurts or you need to get rid of drugs in your system.  You’ll never regret using a dab of pomade, shit happens and wig privileges can get taken away.

It’s Not Halloween, What’s With The Wig?

Amanda Wig

It’s not even close to Halloween, yet Amanda went to court dressed as Beth Chapman (Dog The Bounty Hunter’s wife).  This is not a brilliant disguise, it just makes you look mental… try a fascinator next time sweetheart.

All Imposters Are Getting Sued

Amanda Bynes SkyzoneIt’s tricky to remember what you look like when you rock a plethora of wigs on a daily basis.  It’s even harder to remember if you got a facial, or went to a trampoline fun zone when you’re totally frocked up.

Mocked Up Twitter Rants

Amanda Vs FriendsIf Courtney Love is telling you to pull it together, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.  Sometimes you have to remember that just because you were hot 5 years ago doesn’t mean you’re All That (get it) now… and vice versa.

No Drug Evidence Found

Amanda BSince no drugs have been found, I guess Amanda is completely insane or a freakin genius… She’s tossin bongs all the way to the bank hunty.  I hope that everyone has learned from this past week to treat your wigs with kindness and respect, à la Wendy Williams.

Do you Frock Stars think Amanda’s just putting on a show?

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