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Bonjour Frock Stars.  The winner of my Memorial Day giveaway is…

Summer Giveaway

Charissa Thomas, you go with your bad self girl!

Don’t worry losers, I have a giveaway every month… stay tuned for June’s.

I’m going to leave you with a few things that I’ve been thinking about this morning:

  • I need someone to invest in me so I can invent waterproof magazines.  It’s not fun to lay outside covered in oil without a mag.  I find myself covered in news print rub off residue, the magazine gets ruined, and I don’t really read any of it… I just do a flip through.
  • I need someone to create a fabric that sun can penetrate.  I freakin hate tan lines… they look stupid.
    Tan Lines Suck
  • I need someone else to invent electrolyte coffee.  Gatorade and coffee taste like azz together, it can’t be that hard for a scientist to genetically modify a coffee bean and add electrolytes… This would help millions of hungover people everywhere.
  • I also need a pool in my backyard.  I feel ghetto squirting myself with a hose when I am sweating profusely.
  • Pedicures are magical.

Magical Pedicure

Stay hydrated today, it’s hot.

Frock Off*