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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

1.  Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion

Baby LotionI’ve been using a lot of baby products lately because I like the scent.  However, it’s actually been really good for my skin… that shizz is trés sensitive.  I love sleeping, so you can splash anything with the words bedtime and sleep, and I’ll buy it.  I’ve been using this every night before bed.  Not only does it smell relaxing, but it soothes a sunburn.  I’m not really sure if this is helping me sleep (it could be a mental thing), but I feel really relaxed after a nighttime shower… and I’m like a ticking time bomb regularly.

2.  Victoria’s Secret, Fresh Sorbets


Victoria’s Secret releases whipped body souffle’s like once around summer, and those little bitches sell out quick.  I hate fruity scents (and this batch of sorbets seemed to be mostly fruity), so I picked up a few chilled lychee & pink honeysuckle’s.  I don’t really get honeysuckle from this at all, but it’s crisp and clean… perfect for mornings.  Aside from the scent, the texture is to die for.  Somehow this lotion is thick + light at the same time.  When you apply the lotion, it’s virtually weightless. My skin feels disgustingly hydrated after using, and the scent sticks around for a while.

3.  Herbal Essences, Curl Define & Hold Crème

Herbal EssencesThis curl cream was pretty much the only beauty product I was into this week.  I typically stick with serums and oils for my hair because they tend to handle frizz best, but I thought I’d try something new this week.  I’ve been loving what Pantene’s overnight hair repair does for my hair, and I haven’t really had to get down and dirty with my flat iron recently.  I’ve been using a curling wand every morning for soft waves.  This cream gives me those waves with no heat.  Before bed I put 2-3 pumps throughout my hair, and when I wake up my hair is perfect (and smells amaze).  This is saving me like 20-45 minutes per morning… now I have time for breakfast.

4.  Pedialyte… or A Fake Version

Hangover CureWhen it’s warm out, everyone parties harder.  A nice cold cocktail is refreshing after a day outside, but waking up with a hangover is the worst.  I always keep a Pedialyte (or a fake Pedialyte) in my fridge in case of emergency.  This stuff totally hydrates you, and makes you feel good after drinking… or any other time you feel dehydrated.  I seriously recommend always keeping one in your fridge.

5.  Fresh Herbs


I finally had time to get my garden together.  I freakin love having fresh herbs.  They make food/drinks taste better, you can use them for DIY beauty products, and my pugs smell good when they roll around in them.  I mean, rosemary infused lemon drops… yes please.  Pesto made from fresh basil… yes.  Lavender and chamomile body scrub… werq.

My “I Hate” of The Week

I HATE when people wear strapless dresses over shirts.

Shirt & DressI keep seeing this promo for Keeping Up With The Kardashians and it’s driving me nuts.  I love me some Kris Jenner, but not in this outfit.  What on earth makes her think that this looks good?  Yes, yellow and white look stunning together… but not like this.  If you feel uncomfortable in a strapless dress, then buy a mother frocking dress with sleeves, do not layer it on top of a freakin Oxford.  Not only does this look like shit, but it’s gotta be uncomfortable.  Some people like this look… but I despise it.  As for you Kris Jenner, you’re in America… you have the right to bare arms, so uncover them hunty.

What were you Frock Stars into this week?  What did you hate?

Put A Frock In It*