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Oh my God, it’s back again… Brothers, sisters, everybody sing.  It’s nice to start your Monday off with a little Backstreet Boys, werq.  But seriously, I’ve been all about nudity recently, and I’m not talking penises and vaginas.

Nude Mood Board

Nude looks stunning on everyone during the summer.  It can bring out a tan, make chocolate skin pop, and brunettes look gorge in it.  J’adore nude when it’s paired with something bold… a purse, shoes, belt, nails, red lip, even a small pug with a fierce collar.

Fancy Pug

Nude can easily be dressed up or down, which I love.  You know you’re doing nude wrong when you’re serving up zoo keeper realness… and you don’t work at the zoo.  So if you want to look good naked, take notes.

Nude Dresses

  • Minka Kelly – The pop of red is perfection, it modernizes a classic silhouette.  I am living for those shoes and nails.
  • Zoe Saldana – You can never go wrong with a cinched waist.  Zoe’s skin looks amazing, and her shoes are gorge.
  • Blake Lively – This is one of my fave dresses ever.  The neckline is major.  I think I’m in love.

Shop The Look:

Nude Summer FashionDress – You can get this dress at Target for $49.99.  The fabric is light + airy, and the waist is cinched (slimming alert).  You could rock this dress to work, a summer wedding, happy hour, even brunch.

Skirt – This skirt is from Forever 21 for $24.80.  I get so down and dirty with crochet during summer, I love the laid back vibe it gives off.  I’d wear this to work with a white button up or tie neck blouse.

Shoes – I hate flip-flops, and these flats are the cool version of flops.  You can scoop them up from Old Navy for $19.94, and you totes should… they match with everything.

What’s your color of the week?

Show Time

I love me some tv, but summaries and reviews can be trite.  I also don’t want to ruin something that you DVR’d and are waiting to watch (if we watch the same shizz, you can live tweet a bitch @RockinAroundThe).  Since I watch a lot of shows, I’m going to start giving a daily thought about what I watched the previous night.  I’ll werq this trend on weekly posts, and twitter during days I don’t post.  Todays thought is on RHONJ (thank god it’s back, I hate RHOC)…


If Honey Boo Boo can have her own show (without violating child labor laws), then Bravo really needs to give Milania Guidice a spin-off.  This child is cray.  J’adore a bossy munchkin.  And how bout that Antonia Gorga… How dare she send Milania a letter, and spell her name wrong.

Frock The Boat*