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Birchbox changed their logo + website, and I kind of hate it.  The website looks like it could be for anything (even accounting)… not beauty.  However, by taking two steps back with the website and logo, they actually took one step forward with my June box.


I must say, I’m slightly upset that my Birchbox was good this month… I look forward to giving a shitty review.  Whenever I think I’m done with Birchbox, they surprise me with a sickening box.

Was my Birchbox worth $10 this month?  Yes.  I’d totally take this box over Quarter Pounder with cheese… but probably not two Starbucks latte’s.  Here’s what I got:

Klorane, Dry Shampoo: Full Size, $8


This size was fairly large for a hair product sample.  I love dry shampoo, I can’t get enough.  I’ve completely switched over from hairspray to dry shamp… it gives you a perfect mess.  This shamp didn’t smell like anything, which is okay with me.  It was really white… not a good choice for brunettes.  The white was kind of hard to blend, and it made my hair look dull and mousey.  I would def use this in a pinch, and it’s a superb size for my purse.

Suki, Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser: Full Size $18

SukiJ’adore a good exfoliator.  I even covered one earlier this week.  This was so small, that it made me sad.  It was like the same size as a lip balm.  I was still excited to use it though.  The scrub lasted exactly one shower.  There was enough product for my whole body, and that was it.  The texture of this scrub was a bit weird, but I liked it.  It smelled amazing, mine was scented with lemongrass.  This is the type of scent that I need to get going in the morning. I wouldn’t spend $18 on this scrub, but my shower with it was damn good.

SW Basics, Lip Balm: Full Size $15

Lip BalmI thought i was going to hate this because it was cinnamon scented.  I like cinnamon on  a muffin or apple pie… but I freakin hate cinnamon flavor, ewww Big Red gum.  Shockingly, this is my fave item this month.  It smelled amazing, like a crisp autumn day (speaking of that, I’m over summer and ready for sweaters and pumpkin latte’s).  The balm was trés moisturizing, and it made my lips tingle. It also tastes really good.  I would splurge for the full size, it’s a stellar product.

Birchbox + Color Club, Wanderlust Collection: Full Size $8

Color ClubI really like this color.  The shade that I got is London Calling.  The color is a hybrid of mint and chartreuse.  It’s bold, almost neon, and perfect for summer.  The polish glides on smooth, you only need to use two coats.  I may even give myself a manicure tonight using this shade… ain’t nobody got time for a gel mani this week.  Bonus: this polish makes me look tan.

Tweezerman, Matchbox Itty Bitty Nail Files: Full Size, $5

TweezermanIt’s about time that I got a “Lifestyle Extra” that I actually like.  These nail files are adorable, and genius.  Snagging a nail when you’re out is the worst.  I hate how it catches on your clothes, hair, and anything covered in fabric.  This entire box is tiny enough to keep in your purse, car, office, or even pocket.  The itty bitty box holds 12 nail files… that’s a lot.  Brilliant.

I’d give Birchbox a solid “A” for my June box… and I’ve racked up enough points to have 30+ Bichbox dollaz, so I’m going to go order something.  What did you get in your box this month?

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