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I hate it when I have something in my head that I want, but I can’t find it anywhere.  I’ve been craving a floral statement necklace and couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I figured I’d make one myself.  It was surprisingly easy, and I love it.

DIY  This necklace cost under $10 to make… werq!  A statement necklace can dress anything up, and I’m currently living for tee-shirt dresses paired with statement jewelry.  I’ll walk you through this DIY in just a few easy steps, let’s gets ta craftin…

What You Need

DIY Bib Necklace

To create a floral statement, you’ll need a basic bib necklace template, old fabric, ribbon, and a faux flower.

1.  Start With A Basic Template

Bib Necklace TemplateI have a tendency to put things in the dryer that don’t belong there, so I usually have some shrunken fabric on hand.  I made my template from an old dress lining.  To create your template you can google “printable bib necklace template” and find one you like, trace the outline of a necklace that you currently own, or freehand a shape that you like.  Once finished, cut out and use scotch tape to completely secure the template to your fabric.  The reason that I use scotch tape is because it pulls the fabric taught, and makes it really easy to cut out.  Cut out two pieces of fabric in the shape of your template, and set aside.

2.  Deflower Your Flower

Faux FlowersPluck each little flower off of your big flower.  They should pop right off… You can do it, put your back into it girl.


Unfortunately, each flower has a stupid little plastic piece on it.  You’ll have to cut each one down using fabric scissors.  By cutting the plastic down, you flowers will lay flat rather than sticking straight out.  This part is a pain in the ass, so do it while you’re watching something good on tv… I highly recommend anything on Bravo.

3.  Assemble The Bib

Floral NecklaceTake one piece of your “bib”, and tape it to a flat surface.  You can use a book, a piece of cardboard, a table… I used an old beer box.  Once again, taping the fabric down keeps it nice and taught.  Use a glue gun to carefully glue each flower to the bib.  You only need one small dab of glue on the back of each flower.  This can take up to an hour, but it’s best to place each individual flower so you can fill in all holes and overlap each flower nicely.  When each flower has been secured to the bib, go through and glue down any petals that are not laying the way you want them to (I think I did this to 60% of my flowers).

4.  Secure The Necklace

DIY Floral NecklaceCut two pieces of ribbon, which will act as your necklace chain.  I kept mine long, so I can tie it to my liking depending on what I’m wearing.  Use a dab of glue to secure each piece of ribbon to each side of your bib.  Now take the second piece of fabric that you set aside, and glue that to the back of your bib… this keeps some of the glue marks from showing, and keeps the ribbon looking neater.

A floral statement necklace summers up any outfit… and matches with everything.