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Happy Fathers Day Dad(s)!  I know, this is my second week not doing top five and a hate… but I don’t feel like it today, I want to go play outside.  I also had wayyy more hates than likes this week, and I don’t need to serve up all that hate on Fathers Day.  Instead, I’m doing the easiest DIY ever… werq.

Easy DIY NecklaceI accidentally ended up making this necklace, and I actually like it.  It took all of three minutes and $5.  I was at Michaels last week, and saw these rustic keys in the checkout area.  I always end up buying things on display in the the checkout vicinity… I’m a sucker.

Rustic KeyI picked a few up, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with them.  I knew that I hated that nasty green ribbon on each key, so I removed it.  These keys chilled on my bookshelf for about two weeks, and then I sat some ribbon next to them.  I realized I could make a really cute necklace by putting a key onto ribbon… why the hell didn’t I think of that before?

RibbonAll you have to do is cut a piece of ribbon, put the key on it, and tie a nice bow.

DIY Necklace

By using ribbon, you can make your necklace adjustable.  If you’re wearing a belt, you can make it shorter… if you’re wearing a slouchy shift, make it longer.  J’adore the way the key looks with a sundress, and it will look just as sickening paired with a sweater and boots (I’m totes ready for fall).  Vintage chic.

The first two people to leave a comment to this post will win a rustic key necklace made by yours truly (USA residents only for this impromptu giveaway), and if you’re lucky I’ll pick a pretty ribbon to use… I don’t even care what you say, just say something and leave a valid email address (only I can see it).

Frock You*