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I was totes going to do a mood board, until I realized that I wasn’t feeling anything in particular this week.  Then I realized I was feeling one thing, hate.  I hate Mondays.  It’s not even 8 AM and I’m already over this day.  Here’s a few things that have managed to make me serve up a stank face this morn…

Matt Lauer is the worst.


I can’t stand him, but I can’t switch to GMA due to my undying love for Al Roker + Willie Geist.

Animals don’t belong on coffee tables.

Hate2This is just a no, I have nothing more to say about it.

Leave things the way that you found them.

Hate4Fold the damn blanket when you’re finished with it… and fluff the couch back up while you’re at it.

Always pre-set your coffee.


Don’t you dare leave me crusty coffee, when I brewed a fresh pot yesterday.  If you’re the last one to drink from the coffee pot, it’s common courtesy to set it up for the next morning… don’t be an ass.

Going back to work after the weekend blows.

Hate1The last thing that I want to do on Monday is sit in an office.  Pretending to listen can take a lot of effort, especially when I need to get caught up on all the celeb dramz going on today.

So, since Mondays suck I’m going to make someone’s a teeny tiny bit better.  I’ll give away one more rustic key necklace.
RibbonDIY NecklaceAll you have to do to win is throw a little shade.  Leave a comment telling me what you hate about today.  Whoever’s answer I like the best will win… the more ridiculous, the better.

Shut The Frock Up*