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I love a summer scarf.

DIY Summer Scarf

Scarves are effortless, you don’t have to worry about jewelry when you rock one, and they look sickening with a messy updo.  When scarves are placed correctly, you don’t even have to wear a bra… werq.  The best thing about is scarf, is that you can make one out of virtually anything (a small dress, tee, extra fabric, etc).  It took me about 30 minutos to turn this mother out, here’s how I did it…

First, you have to find some fabric that you want to get down and dirty with.

Upcycled Skirt

I used an old dress that I had turned into a skirt.  My skirt backfired on me because I was lazy, and didn’t bother with the hem… then I washed it.  That’s when shizz hit the fan.  The edges frayed, the elastic twisted, and I was sad.

Ruined Hemline

I really liked the color and pattern of this fabric, and I realized it was perfect for a scarf.

After you select your fabric, you need to give it a shape up.

FabricI had to separate the two layers of my skirt using fabric scissors.  I also decided to remove the ruffle on the front of the sheer fabric… it would do my scarf no justice.  Skirts are extraordinarily easy to make scarves from, because they’re essentially an infinity scarf.  I wanted my scarf to be bulky though, so I kicked it up a notch.

DIY Scarf

I cut each “tube” along the seam, and turned it into a large strip of fabric.  It’s totes okay if your fabric is different sizes or your edges are rugged… nobody can tell when it’s wrapped around you.

When everything is shaped up, it’s time to clean up.

Easy DIY Scarf

Use your hair straightener to create a crease along each end of the fabric (I had a total of 4 creases to make).  The creases make flimsy fabric easy to work with.  Now, all you have to do is line up your creases and sew (or fabric glue) a few stitches.

Summer ScarfI’m sooo not a seamstress, and I’m happy with this turn out.  My scarf is light, and I’m feeling the bold blue… I’m serving up Fourth of July realness (can I get some BBQ up in this bitch).  I’d wear this with a bathing suit, jorts, a tee dress, a sundress, leggings… even as nothing but a blindfold.

Show Time

I watched all kinds of shizz last night, Tuesday TV rocks… However, I was the most pleased with Pretty Little Liars.  PLL is the next best thing (styling wise) to Gossip Girl.  Every single day I miss Blair’s upper east side ensembles.  I love me some housewives, but the only person whose clothes I actually like is Carole Radzi (can’t wait for NY to come back).  The liar’s stylist has consecutively been stepping it up from season to season.  Sometimes, I don’t even pay attention to the show because I’m gagging over the outfits.  I live for Spencer Hastings wardrobe…

Spencer Hastings

J’adore a touch of lumberjack.  I already have fall fever, and it’s not even July.  It’s even worse now… all I want to do is wear dark skinnies, riding boots, flannels, and scarves.  I run on that catalogue sched.  I was into Hanna’s look last night too.

Hanna Marin

I don’t usually dig her outfits, but she was serving up effortless glam… and I ate it up.  I’m glad her extensions are back, girlfriend can werq a weave.


And by the way, I caved in and got a Pinterest… follow me, pin me, make my day.

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