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Here’s my take on this weeks current events… in two sent(ence)s.

Racist Paula

Paula DeenBitch please, I have one of her kitchen sets and she clearly gets down with the brown…

Racist MugI’ve seen it with my very own eyes, Paula loves dark meat… such as a turkey’s thigh.

Miley Can’t Stop

MileyMiley can’t stop werqin some seriously bizarre outfits, but for some reason I’m totally into it.  Lez be honest, this teeotard (tee-shirt/leotard) is EVERYTHING.

Dolce & Gabbana Headed To Jail For Inspiration

Dolce & GabbanaPrison is mainstream now people, Sesame Street is even airing story lines on jailed parents.  I bet the food in Italian jail is the shizz, it’s gotta be better than the sad granola bar you get in American drunk tanks.

America’s Baby

People CoverAmerica’s baby is named North West… not even Knorth, you have officially ruined your empire Kimmy.  Enough is enough, I’m sooo over Kim and I secretly want her to stay fat.

What Utah-kin About Girl?

Miss UtahSince we can relate this back to education, let’s do a little breakdown.  If you have a penis, you make more money than someone with a vagina, get it, got it… now create that better Miss Thing.

Anna Nicole’s Life(time) Story

Anna Nicole MovieThis is a face that only a Mother, and myself can love.  I’m counting down the days until the Anna Nicole biopic airs, it’s obviously a masterpiece.

I’m also pretty excited for the Jodi Arias movie this weekend.

Get Your Frock On*