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I love everything about picnics… minus the nature part.

PicnicI love picnic food, picnic baskets, picnic attire, and picnic drinks.  Picnics give off an all american vibe that’s effortlessly gorge.  You can take inspiration from virtually anything… a straw basket (werq it is a hat or a bag), ketchup & mustard (turn it out in red and yellow), even the heat (make them gag in a flowy white sundress).  So, this fourth of July have your picnic… and eat the shit out of it too.  If you want to look good while surrounded by mosquitos, take notes + a bottle of Off Deep Woods.

Picnic Attire

  • Rock a flowy white dress.  Pair it with oversized sunnies + a red lip to add a touch of glamour.
  • Serve up Kentucky Derby realness by topping everything off with a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Werq something that resembles a picnic table-cloth, and cinch the waist.  Adorbs.

Shop The Look

Picnic Outfit

You can serve up red, white, and blue all the time… not just on the Fourth of July.

Sunnies – Cat eyed rims flatter all face shapes.  Red sunnies are fun, classic, and can be worn from season to season.  You can get these at Target for $12.99.

Straw Hat – Straw hats are no joke.  Not only do they look sickening with tousled waves, but they can keep you from getting a dreaded raccoon eye sunburn.  Pick this hat up from Old Navy for $16.94.

Sundress – Nothing screams summer like a white sundress… it also brings out your tan.  This dress can be paired with boots and a cardi come fall, and looks amaze on its own throughout summer.  Order this from Quiksilver for $47.60.

Cropped Vest – Denim vests are everything right now.  A cropped vest adds edge to a frilly dress.  Delia’s has an amazing selection, this one’s a steal at $29.50.

What are you Frock Stars wearing this Fourth of July?… nothing but a straw hat?

Show Time

Of course I watched RHONJ last night… and all I can say about Rosie is wow!


I love a Rosie outburst, but I love Kathy’s reaction even more.  When the camera shows everyone surrounded by Rosie during a freak out, their faces are covered in sheer panic.  Kathy is just chill, and acts like this is normal.  Well you know what… this is the new normal hunty, and Rosie’s the lesbian sister I’ve always wanted.

Frock Hard*