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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

1.  Suave, Anti Frizz Cream


During summer, anti frizz creams become part of my daily routine.  I like this cream because it’s inexpensive, and it smells good… like oranges.  When it’s too hot to actually do my hair I like to werq a topknot, and this cream tames all frizzies.  This anti frizz cream also keeps your hair soft, ain’t nobody got time for crunchy stiffness.

2.  Ponds, Dry Skin Cream

PondsI usually use Olay moisturizers, but this one was double the size for the same price… so I had to get it.  It’s not as thick as Olay, but it’s just as hydrating.  When I put it on, my face doesn’t feel overly heavy or greasy.  I think I’ll stick with this shizz for a while.

3.  Covergirl, BB Cream

BB CreamI have a love-hate relationship with BB creams.  Sometimes I adore them, and sometimes I hate them sooo much.  This is my fave BB cream that I’ve tried so far.  I find that Garnier and Maybelline’s BB Creams both have an unatural tint to them, and they’re kind of watery.  This BB Cream is actually thick in texture, very similar to foundation.  It goes on light, it’s a natural shade, and it blends easily.  I’ve been incorporating this BB cream into my makeup routine at least three times a week.  It feels sooo light that I forget I’m wearing makeup.

4.  E.L.F, Concealer + Highlighter Stick


Whenever I’m at Target, I have to pick up E.L.F. makeup… the price is just too good to turn down.  The concealer is not the best that I’ve ever used, but it’s light and does help minimize dark circles.  The highlighter lacks shimmer, but will brighten your eyes when dabbed in the corners.  I would totes keep this in my beach bag or pool bag, it doesn’t take up much space, it’s essentially two products, and it makes you prettier.

5.  Pleated Skirt, From Target

Pleated Skirt

I’m not a huge fan of hate hi-low skirts, but I really liked the color of this one.  I think this skirt was like $22, so it was worth trying out.  The deep green shade will werq throughout fall when with paired with brown tights and a cropped cardi.  I also realized, this skirt is reversible… werq!  I don’t know if I’ll wear the light green side, but it’s nice knowing that I have the option.

My Hate of The Week

I HATE it when my Facebook gets messed with.

Not My Birthday

This week I stepped out of the office to get Starbucks for everyone, and my co workers (even if you didn’t do it, you’re an accessory to the crime) chose to repay me by changing my Birthday on Facebook.  I woke up to about 15 Happy Birthday messages and was sooo freakin confused.  The messages didn’t stop, and then it dawned on me to check my birthday.  Sure enough, some asshole decided to change it.  I went to change it back, and I couldn’t.  Facebook will not let me change my birthday back to my real one, apparently I have changed it too many times.  I wrote to the help center and have heard nothing.  Now I’m forever stuck with the birthday of June 26… and I didn’t even get a present.  This makes me furious.

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