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I love a textured white, and I’m not talking ashy caucasians.

White Mood BoardAdding texture to white keeps it from being plain and boring.  Texture adds instant style, which keep your whites from being overly crisp.  Textured whites tend to give off a rugged glam vibe, and I love a roughed up look.  You can find texture in a variety of fabrics, lace, crochet, eyelet cuts, frayed denim, pretty much anything.  White also looks sickening on everyone during the summer.  I personally like it with a bold accent, like a red nail or lip.  Here’s how to werq the shizz out of summer whites…

Summer WhiteEmma Watson – A light blazer and crisp Oxford make her lace shorts trés profesh.  I’d work the shit out this at the office, meetings, even when I’m walking my dogs.  I love it that much.

Taylor Swift – Classic silhouettes flatter all body types.  The waist is cinched, there’s just the right amount of shoulder showing, and the pattern is gorge.

Vanessa Hudgens – This white scarf makes Vanessa’s skin glow.  It actually looks amazing wrapped around her head, she’s giving us Bollywood realness.

Me – That’s right, I’m on the Do board this week.  I rock eyelet dresses belted at the waist, to office meetings… and apparently so do the other bitches cool people I werq with.

Shop The Look

Textured WhitesTextured whites are a superb investment.  Not only are they to die for right now, but you can werq them well through autumn with riding boots and camel cardi’s.

Dress – J’adore this dress.  The cinched waist and short sleeves look good on everyone, and the pattern is different.  You can get this from Modcloth for $57.99.

Shirt – A cute henley is practically unheard of.  This one is lightweight, so it can easily be paired with pencil skirts.  You can scoop this henley up from Old Navy for $10.97.

Scarf – Scarves can make any outfit better, anytime of the year.  They can keep you warm, or take the place of a necklace.  This one is from Target for $14.99.

Skirt – I love the look of textured white skirts paired with a chambray button down… country glamor.  You can find this skirt at Forever 21 for $22.80.

Show Time

It was a big TV night for me, and I started with RHONJ.


Oh Ro she didn’t.  I know, I have a sick obsession with Rosie (we’re like two peas in a pod).  Just like Rosie, I too have a soft heart and a bad temper… or maybe just a bad temper.  Rosie at Cafface did not get nearly enough camera time as I would’ve liked.  Also, where the hell has Kim D been?  I need more drama, bring on the Posche fashion show.

Then I moved on to Princess of Long Island.

Princesses of Long Island

I love Chanel, girlfriend cracks me up.  I think I’m starting to warm up to Amanda, I like her sooo much better when Jeff is on dates with men isn’t around… but a drink hankie? WTF.  I have never in my life looked at someone drinking coffee and thought, eww that looks disgusting.  Sorry boo, anything with the word hankie in it is just like fetch… not happening.

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