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I didn’t go away for the Fourth of July, so I beached the shizz out of my four-day weekend.  Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

1.  Misters Before Sisters

MisterThis mister is by far my fave purchase of the summer.  I went to Home Depot to buy some plants, and after I checked out I saw these little beauts outside.  Upon seeing that they were $8, I had to freakin get one (yes I went through the line again).  I don’t have a pool in my yard, so laying out can get ridiculously uncomfortable. This glorious mister exceeded my expectations, I can lay outside when it’s 90+ degrees and not squirm around.  This shizz is so refreshing and so genius, I love it… and I totally use it to water my flowers too.

2.  Baby Lips With SPF

Baby LipsI’m paranoid about having SPF on my lips when I’m outside.  Sunburned lips are not a good time.  I saw this at Target and decided to pick it up.  I’ve tried a regular Baby Lips before, and I hated it.  I didn’t like the lackluster color, or the scent.  J’adore this little guy.  It has no color, and it’s minty.  It makes my lips tingle in a good way.  I would def buy this again, I’m glad I gave Baby Lips another chance.

3.  Get on The Banana Boat

After Sun LotionObviously, I’ve been acting like my backyard is the beach.  I’ve also been acting like I don’t burn easily, which is insane because I’m white as hell.  The past two weekends I’ve laid out and gotten myself a few first degree burns.  This lotion is the only thing that makes my sunburns feel better.  Putting aloe on when you’re sunburned sucks… it’s sooo cold.  Lotion doesn’t feel cold, it soothes your skin, and it keeps it hydrated.  I also think that this lotion smells like summer, and it’s nice to get whiff of that when you’re stuck in an office all week long.

4.  Beachy Scents

Beach CandleI always get sad when I think about Glade’s limited edition candles disappearing… and I always love the next seasonal scent they turn out.  The Coral Lagoon candle has to be my fave yet.  It smells exactly like the beach.  It’s got a hint of sunblock, and it just smells good.  I can’t stop buying these candles, I’m scared they’re going to run out soon.  I have one in every single room of my house, and my house smells divine.

5.  FEED for Target

FEED TargetWhen I first caught a glimpse of this line on the Today show, I wasn’t interested at all. After I found out there was a Ralph Lauren relation, I became interested (I know, I’m an ass).  A lot of the stuff was sold out by the time I made it to Target, but I did score this shirt.  The denim isn’t stiff, it feels worn in, and the frayed sleeves are everything.  I’ll werq this with skirts, colored skinnies, even a bathing suit bottom.  I wish I made it to Target earlier though, there was a gorge denim vest with a hood that I saw in Glamour mag… I need it.  This line is like Ralph Lauren for bitches on a budget, and it helps hungry people.  Being hungry sucks.

My Hate of The Week

I HATE when you get a gel mani, and one nail loses the polish.

Chipped Gel ManicureMy pedicurist must have been drunk when he did my nails last week.  On top of one nail going missing, this is a half assed job (I guess that’s what I get for continuing to go to a shitty salon).  While painting my nails, my lovely technician seemed to have gotten some of the polish on my skin.  What the frock.  When it gets on your skin, that shit peels right off and it’s a waste of time and money.  Gel pedi’s are expensive, so it’s not like I’m going to go get another one… I’m stuck with no pinky polish for at least another week.  With a gel mani/pedi you can’t just get a stupid polish change.  It’s not like anyone can see my little toe, but this is something that will drive me completely insane until I get another pedicure.  This is a very serious white whine.

Okay Frock Stars, remember to tune into Princesses of Long Island tonight.  I’m concerned that it won’t return for a second season due to low ratings.  Watching crazies is always fun.

Rock Out With Your Frock Out*