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I don’t get to see the ocean often, but I like to think about it…

Beachy Mood BoardOcean colors are flattering on everyone.  There are a million different blues and greens that you can find in the water… and don’t forget about those creamy white caps girl.  Blues and nudes compliment all eye colors, and make your face pop.  Blondes, brunettes, and redheads all look sickening in water shades.  And let’s get real, everyone looks better at the beach.  Here’s how to werq the ocean…

Beach ShadesBeyonce – Girlfriend keeps in clean in a classic silhouette, which gives her the ability to rock blue from head to toe.

LC – Lauren’s dress is gorge.  Since the dress slightly flowy and cinched at the waist, anyone could look good in this.  It could also be dressed down with flats…werq.

Miranda Kerr – Could this be any more perfect?  No elaboration needed.

Pippa Middleton – This dress is fun and playful.  Pippa could toss on a statement necklace for a business lunch, or keep it casual.

Shop The Look

Shop The Look

You can make ocean hues werq all year long by gravitating towards classic shapes and deeper colors.

Dress – A maxi can werq on its own during summer, with a cropped denim jacket during fall, and with a bulky cable knit during winter.  You can get this maxi from Gap for $64.95.

Shirt – J’adore this shirt.  Although it’s lace, it’s versatile and can be paired with anything.  You can order this from Target for $12.58… total steal.

Shorts – Lacy shorts are fun.  I love them with chambray shirts.  This pair’s from H&M for $24.95.

Scarf – Scarves are the shizz.  This one can be worn around your neck, and in your hair. Two timing’s never looked so good.  Order this scarf from Modcloth for $7.99.

Bonus DIY

I love beachy waves, especially during summer.  I feel like hair accessories look a lot better in wavy hair… clips and barrettes look more effortless.  While I was browsing shell accessories on Etsy, I realized what the hell… I can make this shizz myself, and you can too.  All you need are a few shells, a barrette or bobby pins, and a glue gun.

DIY Hair Accessories

First, you need to wash your shells… aint nobody got time for sand.  Once the shells are clean and dry, use your glue gun to attach the shell to your barette/bobby pins.  You’re done, that’s it.  Shells attached to bobby pins are superb for sweeping one side of your hair back, while the barette is ideal for half ponies and accenting topknots.

Show Time

Sundays are a big TV night for me.  I started off with Big Brother…

Big Brother

I must say, I loved seeing Aaryn cry.  She is a nasty little bitch, I hope she’s gone next week.  In other BB news, what the hell is up with the have not food for next week?  Grapefruit and guacamole is like my dream diet… I could live off guac.

After BB I moved onto Housewives.


I was less than thrilled with last nights episode.  Here’s how I saw it…

  • Jacq needs to lay off the vino, asap.
  • I always thought that Rich was funny, but now he grosses me out.
  • Jen the realitor is shady as hell.
  • I now feel like the Gorga’s are hiding something from the cameras… Why does Joe Gorga’s dad like Teresa so much better?  What did Joe and Melissa do?
  • Rosie hanging with the girls is hysterical.
  • Milania didn’t get nearly enough camera time as she should have.

When I was done fast forwarding through RHONJ, it was time for Princesses.

Princesses Long Island

Last night, Jason was in the closet… no shit.  I loved the duel fights going on at the Drink Hanky party, Chanel can throw down… werq.  Erica actually seemed normal, but I would’ve liked to see her attend speed dating.  Speaking of speed dating, Joey made me cringe, Casey was cold + awkward (she makes me uncomfortable), and Ashley was adorbs.

Frock N Roll*