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Collar necklaces are everything.

Peter Pan NecklaceEverything, and then some.  I love how a statement necklace can turn a $5 tee-shirt into something chic as frock.  You can instantly serve up autumn realness (I have fall fever) with a collared necklace, tee dress, and boots… or you can take your beach cover up to happy hour.  While browsing online for a Peter Pan collared necklace, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted.  So, I decided to make one myself.  Here’s the breakdown.

Gather your supplies.  You’ll need two squares of fabric (I used the lining from an old dress but a tee-shirt would work just fine), ribbon, embellishments (I went with pearls, studs would be cute too), and a template.  You can google peter pan necklace template, trace a necklace you already own, or freehand that shizz.

DIY Necklace

Use scotch tape to tape your template to one of the fabric squares, and cut out.  Taping the paper down makes that fabric extremely easy to cut.  Repeat this with the other fabric square.  When you are done you should have two collars, one will be the front of your necklace and one will be the back.

DIY Necklace Template

You’re going to need something sturdy to hold your collar.  I like to use cardboard (but a book, notebook, or old magazine can work too), because you can throw it away when your finished.  Use scotch tape to secure your collar to the cardboard, make sure it’s pulled tight.  When you’re happy with the shape, use a glue gun to attach your embellishments.  Start with the outline of the collar, then fill in the empty space.

DIY Pearl Necklace

I had an unwanted assistant who kept running off with pearls…

Unwanted Assistant

When your embellishments are glued on and everything is dry, remove your collar from the cardboard.  Get your ribbon, put it around your neck, and measure a length that you like.  Remember when measuring that your necklace will be tied, so the length will be slightly adjustable.  Cut the ribbon, then cut it in half.  You should have two even pieces of ribbon.  Glue the ends of the ribbon to your collar.  Take the second collar shape, and secure it to the back of your necklace by gluing along the outline.  As soon as your necklace is dry, it’s ready to wear.

DIY Peter Pan Necklace

I actually lost the backing to my necklace and had to improvise.  I think I like this fabric better anyways… it’s bringing sexy back (literally).