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Here’s my take on this weeks current events… in two sent(ence)s.

 Bieber Clever?… hell no


Biebs seriously pissed some people off this week.  I can’t wait to see him in a reality rehab show in a few years… maybe I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here will make a comeback.

Court Apparel

Court Sweats

I didn’t know Mandy was an extra in Britney’s new Smurf video.  Black pants have never looked so chic… werq those slacks.

Freak Out

Lamar Odom Flips Out On Photographers In Los Angeles

It’s a damn shame it wasn’t fat Rob having a second wind.  J’adore that Lamar stopped to pose with fans after his paparazzi attack, what a gentleman.

Single George

Single George

I like him better with a little scruff, and no cleavage.  I wonder who he’ll wine-dine-69 next.

White Girl Wasted

White Girl Wasted

It’s rude as shizz that nobody told Brandi to pull her dress down after she went to the bathroom, that’s common courtesy people.   But really, who wears black undies with a white dress?… gagging and not in a good way.

Gleeful Glambert

Smokey Eye

A little facial hair has turned Adam into the love child of Prince and Dave Navarro.  I’m hoping that the power of Glambert and Nene can actually keep Glee from being a total shit show… as in shitty ass show.

No matter how drunk you get, don’t tinkle in mop buckets this weekend.

Frock On*