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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

1.  Masks… not the Halloween kind

Face Mask

Since I’m sunburned all the time, I’m always peeling.  Peeling sucks and I feel like it makes me look dirty, so I’ve been using a lot of masks.  I think that I’ve become obsessed, I’ve been using one like every night.  I like peel off masks, because peeling the mask off is a lot fun… but I also like the mud masks, because the coolness feels good on my burnt face.  I wish that I could buy a gallon of mask mix, so I don’t have all these packets everywhere.

2.  Covergirl, Liquiline Blast


I can’t commit to one eyeliner, I stay switching it up.  I love this liner, it glides right onto your lids which makes it really easy to apply to your waterline.  Liquiline is insanely blendable, so you can get a perfect smokey eye.  I also like the colors.  I like to use a coffee shade of brown, and it’s hard to find one that isn’t too light… this one’s perfect.  I love the purple too, it’s dark enough to not look 80’s.

3.  Veggie Burgers

Veggie Burger

For the moment, I’m a vegetarian.  Sometimes meat really grosses me out, especially when I see it raw.  When I do eat meat, it’s usually just chicken anyway.  This makes me sad because hot dogs and burgers look like they’re really fun to eat.  I like grilled food too, so I figured I’d give these veggie burgers a try.  They taste amazing when made on the grill, they don’t gross me out, and now I can have fun eating at a cook out too.  I could eat one of these every day for dinner… werq.

4.  ZzzQuil


I love me some Nyquil, so any products they make have to be good.  I think ZzzQuil totes works.  It makes me sleepy, I sleep through the night, and I don’t wake up tired.  The liquid does seem to take effect a lot quicker than the pills.  Although this shizz is non-habit forming, I’ve formed myself quite the habit.  If only they could make ZzzQuil for dogs.

5.  Clorox Clean Up Spray


I know, it’s weird that I’m into bleach this week.  However, I have white counters and everything stains them.  If it’s raining outside, and I carry a few grocery bags in… my counters are instantly stained.  This spray is the only thing that keeps them white.  Clorox clean up spray is like magic, this removes every single stain on my counter (and it’s amazing for the bathroom too).  Don’t be confused with the bathroom foam spray, because that shit sucks.  If I don’t have a bottle of this sitting under my kitchen sink, I get anxiety.

My Hate of The Week

The freakin air curler infomercial.

Dumb Infomercials

This infomercial makes me very angry.  First of all, if you hold this up to your head you look like an idiot.  Second, there’s no way in hell that putting your hair in a measuring cup and blowing hot air on it will curl it.  No way, your hair is going to come out in one nasty knot.  The before and after picture are ridiculous.  A curling iron was 100% used to create curls in the after look.  Even if this product worked, the curls suck.  They’re small and flat.  I like my curls big and roughed up.

Put A Frock In It*