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August is quickly approaching, and every magazine that I see is teasing me with cozy fall knits.

DIY Sweater

The closest that I’ll get to fall right now is a chilly July night, and I’ll take what I can get.  Lightweight knits are beachy night perfection.  Hoodie’s aren’t exactly chic, and nights can get cold.  A sweater can be effortlessly glam (especially with a bold red lip).  The only bad thing about sweaters is that necklaces tend to get caught on them.  I’ve found the perfect solution to this problem… adding a bow.  A tie-neck adds interest, isn’t bulky, and is essentially a built-in accessory.  This is a simple way to freshen up your wardrobe without buyers remorse.  Let’s get it started in here.

In order to turn this out, you’re going to need a cable knit sweater, ribbon, and tweezers.

Put A Bow On It

Opt for a thin ribbon, because it’s easier to weave through your sweater.  I like to do this with older sweaters, cheap ones, or sweaters that just sit in my closet.  This particular one is from Forever 21.


Once you have your supplies ready, decide where you want the bow to be.  I like mine off-center, towards my right side.  When you’ve settled on the placement of the bow, measure the ribbon to your liking and cut.  Now it’s time to get your weave on.


Use the tweezers to open up a space for your ribbon on the sweater.  Fold the ribbon in half, and gently push through the opening.  Use the tweezers again to gently pull the ribbon through.  Continue this process until you have secured the ribbon to the entire collar of your sweater.  When finished, tie in a bow and werq it.

DIY Fall Sweater

J’adore a cable knit.  I cannot wait to rock this sweater with skinnies, riding boots, and a pumpkin spice latte.

Rock Out With Your Frock Out*