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Since it feels like fall today (on the East Coast), I figured I’d drop a sneak peek of Wellson’s fall line.  Wellson is a shop that Molly and I are opening on Etsy.  We’re currently focusing on accessories.  Here’s a look some statement bobby pins that we’ve been working on…


We’re really feeling metallic dipped naturals for the upcoming season.  The natural elements are effortless, while the metallic is a bit glam… we like the way the two play off of each other.


Bobby pins are insanely versatile.  A golden twig is unexpected, but gorge.

We’ve also been testing the products daily, to make sure they hold up to our standards.  We’re busy girls with high standards, we need something that’s going to stay put throughout the day.  If Wellson’s selling something, you can be sure it’s durable, wearable, and stylish.

Molly and I have contrasting styles.  Molly’s werqs more of a trendy glam look, while I gravitate towards rugged but preppy pieces.


I rocked my twig in messy beach waves, paired with a sleeveless chambray shirt.  The pop of gold dressed my denim up perfectly.


Molly test drove her twig in a sleek shiny half back look.  I love how vivid the gold is against a brunettes hair… don’t worry blondes, we have copper plated naturals too.  With Molly’s bold pink cardi and black dress, the twig threw in an element of surprise.  It was unexpected, but it totally worked.

The pins held up throughout the day, and we still liked them the next morning.  We love it, Wellson approved.  Leave a comment and tell us what you like, and what you don’t.  We want to know what you’re into.

Don’t forget to check my Facebook page at noon, for Matt Snacks!  It’s a new segment where my co-worker Matt tries new food every day, and I take a video.  He’s a picky eater (he only likes meat and potatoes), so his reactions are priceless.  Today, I’m hoping to feed him freeze-dried apples.


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