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Here’s my take on this weeks current events… in two sent(ence)s.

Mandy’s 5150

Amanda Bynes

I’m not sure why Amanda was taken on a 5150 hold, she was just trying to make her neighbor some s’mores.  It’s not her fault that she had gas, dairy can do that to a person.

K Middy Had A Baby?

Baby George

I’ve never wanted a limited edition maternity dress sooo bad.  Did Kate seriously have this baby, or was it done via surrogate?… she looks sickening.

Anthony’s Weiner

Big Weiner

Lez be honest, too much Weiner is a bad thing.  The only Weiner that I want to see in the news is a freakin dachshund.

Miley Dances With Molly

Miley or Molly

It’s truly shocking that this song is about ecstasy, I thought the dancing animals in her video were all just named Molly.  Clearly, ecstasy does a body good.

Chaz Bono George Zimmerman’s A Hero

Zimmerman Twin

It was nice to see Chaz Bono back in the news.  False alarm, it was just Zimmerman… poor Chaz has the worst faux twin ever.

You Get A Show

LiLo and Oprah

I love my LiLo, but this show is def going to be more scripted than The Hills.  I wish Oprah would give me what I really want, a Madea sitcom.

Frock Hard*