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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

1.  Equate, Aloe Spray

Aloe Spray

This is seriously the best aloe that I’ve ever used.  Applying aloe when you’re sunburnt hurts, and it makes you really cold.  This spray doesn’t have that cold feeling and since you spray it on, it doesn’t hurt.  It gently mists your skin and takes the sting away.  I would say this is a definite must for anyone that will be catching rays (and by rays, I mean men that look like Ray Ramono).

2.  Maybelline Color Show, Clearly Spotted

Polka Dot Nails

I picked this up last week and I was disappointed at first, I thought that it was a dark polish with bits of white in it.  It’s actually clear with white and black glitter in it.  I really liked the way that it looked, but taking it off blows… I hate removing glitter nail polish.  I wish that the polish only consisted of the larger chunky dots, because I think the smaller ones are ugly.  However, for under $5 this is a superb way to get down and dirty with a little nail art.  Black and white is still on trend, and it’s an easy way to fall-ify a white mani.

3.  Herbal Essences, Honey I’m Strong Strengthening Serum

Hair Serum

I haven’t tried many new hair products lately, but I tend to switch everything when seasons change… hair products, makeup, nail shades, my dogs collars, the smell of my house, get it?  I figured it was time to try some new things, and this bottle was sooo small and cute (it was also under $10… werq).  I love it.  I was a little freaked out because the color of the serum is orange, I don’t know why but I was.  It smells divine.  I’ve been using this without any other products after I wash my hair, and it’s been leaving my hair soft and shiny.  I’ll def be looking further into the “Honey, I’m Strong” collection.

4.  Yes To Blueberries, Age Refresh Serum

Facial Serum

I’ve never really messed with facial serums, it never crossed my mind to give them a try.  I guess I’m just comfortable with thick moisturizers.  I recently read somewhere (maybe Glamour?) that serums are the way to go, and this one was recommended.  If a magazine is telling me to do something, you bet your ass I’m going to.  I went straight to Target to pick up this serum, I wasn’t happy paying $20 for the small bottle but whatevs.  I love the serum, beauty’s just expensive.  I could feel my face tighten when I applied, and the serum smelled really good.  It was also thick, so my skin felt moisturized.  I will most certainly get this again.

5.  Fat Free Snacks, Sour Watermelons

Fat Free

I found myself in the candy aisle at Target and I have no idea why.  I never go in that aisle, but as I walked through I saw these bad boys and threw them in my cart.  I normally hate sour candies, I think I just liked the color of the watermelons.  I loved these.  I was eating them like after every meal, and I currently have none… I think I’m going to go get some later, along with some snacks for Matt to try this week.

My Hate of The Week



I’ve developed a crippling fear recently.  I’m terrified that a bug is going to fly into my ear and lay eggs.  I’m not exactly sure where this fear came from, but I think it’s here to stay for a while… and I freakin hate it.  It’s ridiculous, whenever I go outside to water my plants I must have a turban headband covering my ears.  Same goes for laying out, walking my dogs, and eating outdoors.  I hate bugs, not only are they scaring me but they are ruining my plants this year.  Bitches be eating my basil like whoa, and my sad little dill won’t even grow.  I never thought that I’d be werqin summer ear muffs… uugghh.

Shut The Frock Up*