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Mustard is my fave condiment…

Mustard Mood Board

but I love the color too.  The end of summer is always a tricky time for me.  You see boots, jackets, and heavy knits everywhere, but in reality it’s still 90 degrees outside.  I like to tame my fall fever by finding summer pieces in autumn colors.  That can be hard to do, considering most summer pieces are either bold neons or really light.  Mustard is the solution.  A deep rich yellow is unexpected, yet practical for summer.  Mustard looks magnifique now, and even better when layered with rich cognacs and chocolate browns later.  Mustard is a must have. Here’s how to do it right…

Celebs In Mustard

Gwen Stefani – Only Gwen would think to mix mustard with camo.  The result is unexpected, but brilliant.

Victoria Beckham – A classic silhouette in mustard is different.  How many people own a classic shift in deep yellow?… not many.  Steer clear of black accents, mustard can go bumble bee very quickly.

Jennifer Lopez – I’m gagging over this coat.  I’ve never thought of yellow as being chic.  Screw a traditional jacket, I’m going mustard this year.

Shop The Look


Not only does mustard make a hot dog or burger better, but it looks good on all skin tones too.

Dress – J’adore classic with a twist.  The shape of this dress is figure flattering for everyone.  The studs on the shoulder are everything.  I’d werq the shizz out of this with a stack of gold bangles.  This dress is from Modcloth for $47.99.

Cords – Dark wash denim gets old real quick, mustard cords are similar but different.  These would look sickening paired with cream, camel, and brown (and everyone has sweaters in those colors).  Give your jeans a break, order these from Gap for $44.96.

Pencil Skirt – Is there any occasion where a pencil skirt isn’t appropriate?… No.  This one’s from Banana Republic, on sale for $64.99.

Ballet Flats – Sometimes, you just need a flat.  A light mustard is shockingly neutral.  You can get these kicks from Target for $19.99.

Frock You*