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Sometimes I have jewelry that I like elements of, but I don’t necessarily like the piece.

DIY Tribal Necklace

This was originally a bracelet that’s been sitting on my dresser for about two years.  I don’t know why I never got rid of it, I guess I really liked the studs.  I finally decided to do something with it.

DIY Bracelet to Necklace

With a $10 jewelry kit from Michaels, you can literally transform any piece of jewelry.  I had to decide what direction I wanted to go in, but I knew I wanted to deconstruct the bracelet.

DIY Necklace

I cut the elastic that held the bracelet together, and pulled off each bead.  I considered making hair accessories with the beads, but after laying everything out I realized I could make a super sweet tribal necklace.

Tribal Necklace

I decided to use wire as the actual necklace.  Wire lasts longer than regular string, I didn’t want to use elastic because it’s ugly, and I wasn’t sure if a chain could fit through the bead hole.  Since I was using wire, I had to use clamps as the necklace closure.  I slid a clamp onto one side of the wire, used needle nose pliers to bend the tip a little bit, put a small bead on the end, then used the pliers to bed the wire all the way over.  The tiny bead should be enclosed in wire.  The bead prevents the wire from sliding out of the clamp.  Next, I slid the clamp up as far as I could and used the pliers to close it.  I also decided to close the hook (on the clamp) all the way, making a small loop.  The next step was sliding the statement beads on, I used three beads from the bracelet and two silver beads in between them.

Add Closure

After placing my beads in the correct order, I had to decide on the closure.  I wanted to use a lobster claw clasp, because they hold up well.  I attached a lobster claw clasp to the hook of the clamp and closed the hook into a small loop (again).  Then I put the clamp onto the necklace, and repeated what I had previously done to the other side (enclosing the small bead in wire).  I slid the clamp up, and pinched it shut.  This only took about twenty minutes, and now I have a one of a kind statement necklace that’s perfect for fall.

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