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It’s ridiculously easy to transform your wardrobe with a little dye.

New Fall Wardrobe

I have a lot pieces that I don’t wear, simply because I don’t like the color.  I have things ranging from dingy whites to unflattering yellows, but the shape is perfection.  Sometimes I think about cutting the clothing up and turning it into something else, but why not give it a new life in a different color.  It’s exactly like dying your hair.  When you get your hair did, you feel fresh, younger, and hotter.  That is exactly what a little dye can do to an old dress.  It’s like getting a whole new wardrobe for $5, and you can do it in your washing machine with no mess… werq.

Before RIT dye

I love burgundy and navy paired together for fall, so I selected the closest color to burgundy… Rit’s Wine dye.  Next, I selected a few pieces that needed a makeover.  I went with two of my dresses, a peplum skirt, and three shirts (one was mine, two were my bf’s).

Dye Clothes In Washing Machine

Once you select your clothes to dye, grab them, along with 1/2 cup of salt, and head to the laundry room.

  • Set your machine to the correct size load.  This is important because you want all of your clothing to be covered in water.
  • Put your washing machine on the hottest setting, and start.  Do not put your clothes or dye in yet.
  • When the machine has filled up, open it and add the salt.
  • Now you can add your clothes.  I like to dip each article of clothing in the hot water, before putting it in.  That way each piece is completely wet.  The water is really hot, so man up.
  • After all the clothes are in the washing machine, add the dye to the water.
  • Close the washing machine, reset the cycle, and wait patiently for the load to be done.
  • When finished, put whatever clothing you can into the dryer.  Run the washing machine again with hot water, detergent, and little bit of bleach.  This will clean it out completely.  Remember to put your machine back on a cold setting after it’s clean.

After Rit Dye

The color wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but I’m happy with it.  It’s like I went shopping, but without the guilt.

RIT Wine Dye

None of the threading on any of the garments changed color, and I actually like the look.  J’adore what this dress turned in to.  It was like a plain airy eyelet dress before, now it has an indian feel… I can serve up Princess Jasmine with hints of gold.  If you feel like your wardrobe needs a seasonal update, think to yourself… before you buy, try to dye.

Put A Frock In It*