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When you get on the floor, throw them bows…

Bow Necklace

I love bow ties on men, why not make something similar for women.  Faux leather allowed me to keep this bow sleek, so it would work with a variety of styles.  Here’s how I turned it out…


Essentially, you want to make a nice clean rectangle from a piece of fabric (I like to seal everything with fabric glue).  I find that the bow looks best when it’s about 2.5 – 3 inches wide.  If you go too big, it can look costumey.  You’ll also need a thin strip of whatever fabric you’re working with, which will be used to cinch the bow.

DIY FauX Leather Bow

Pinch the bow in the center (towards the back), add a dab of glue, and hold shut.  Take your strip of fabric, add a dab of glue, and gently place it in the center of the bow.  Wrap the fabric around until it reaches the back.  Glue the ends down, and cut of any excess fabric.

DIY Bow Necklace

You can secure the bow onto anything, but I opted for a brassy chain.  A ribbon could work as well, just make sure you use something that can be adjusted.  The bow looks best when it falls right on your collar.  Cut the chain in half, and use needle nose pliers to secure a lobster claw clasp to one side.  If you go with ribbon, you can forgo the clasp.

DIY Leather Bow Necklace

Use a seam ripper to poke two small holes in the top corners of your bow.  Insert a jump ring into each hole, and use it to connect the two pieces of chain (or ribbon).  Close the jump rings tightly with needle nose pliers.

Bow Jewelry

So adorable.  The best part about this necklace is that you can adjust it to flatter any type of collar.  J’adore anything in a deep cognac shade, pass the Courvoisier hunty.

Frock On*