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Since celeb news was lame again this week, I decided to try a quick DIY after work.

White Sunnies

I came across this page in my September Glamour, which showcased white sunnies.  I didn’t really like white sunglasses, but after seeing this I decided that I did.  I realized that a crisp pair of white sunglasses was everything I’ve ever wanted… until I attempted to make my own.

White Sunnies Gone Wrong

I grabbed a bottle of white nail polish, an old pair of sunnies, and my pugs.

Bad Pugs

The pugs decided to bring their bad behavior outside too.

Worst DIY Ever

I thought that this was a really good idea (I saw something involving nail polish and sunglasses on pinterest).  I LOVE the Covergirl Outlast nail collection, it dries quick, and you don’t need a topcoat… so I thought that it would be the perfect polish to paint my glasses with.  Shizz hit the fan as soon as I painted my first line.  The nail polish dried a little too fast when I used a thin layer, and the coverage was uneven.  That’s when I decided to start painting extremely thick lines/blobs.  I was pretty much just letting the polish drip onto my sunnies, because that’s the only way I could get even coverage.  I have no patience at all and I kept touching wet polish, this ruined everything.  I guess patience really is a virtue.


After my bizarre second layer, I was like frock this.  I balled up my paper towel + sunglasses, and threw them away.  My sunnies were runny, clumpy, and stuck to my paper towel… total fail.  I would highly recommend never ever painting sunglasses with nail polish, just buy a pair.  I wasted like an hour of my life, and now I’m itchy from mosquito bites.

Shop White Sunglasses:

White Sunglasses

Seriously, just buy a pair.  These are all under $20…

1.  Asos, $10.13 – J’adore the retro shape.

2.  Forever 21, $5.80 – White + black is still hot.

3.  Target, $12.99 – You can never go wrong classic wayfarer’s.

TGIF, I’m sooo ready for the weekend.  Don’t forget, you have until midnight 8/18/13 to “like” Wellson on Facebook for a chance to win pieces from the Fall 2013 collection… do it.

Sometimes, a bitch needs a beer (like after this DIY).  Happy Friday.

Party Puggle

Party Like A Frock Star*