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Recently, it feels like my Glam Bags are taking forever to ship…

Glam Bag

key word, feels.  I think i’m just really impatient.  Anyway, I was thrilled when I opened the package.  The bag itself is gorge, soo back to prep school.  I’d totally rock a deep purple sweater with a gold crest, trés chic.  From the looks of the bag alone, I expected the contents to measure up.  Did they?…

Noya, Lip Balm


For starters, the packaging was really cute… but it made my bag seem really full, so I thought there was something more exciting than chapstick inside.  The lip balm smelled really good, it reminded me of a cherry fun dip from the ice cream man.

Fun Dip

Unfortunately, I’m not a fruity girl.  I prefer my lip balms/chapsticks to be mint scented.  The balm itself was extremely moisturizing, and it made my lips feel hydrated.  The issue was that lip balm isn’t exciting, I’m just going to add it to the drawer…

Lipstick Drawer

Pacifica, BB Cream

BB Cream

I get down with Pacifica products, so I was happy with this.  The bottle was beautimous, and it was fairly large for a sample.  It smelled amazing, like sunblock… it reminded me of a day at the beach.  I did not think that the coverage was all that.  In fact, it looked like all I put on my face was shimmer powder.  I def wouldn’t buy this, but I’ll use it up on lazy weekend days.

Michael Todd, Facial Scrub

Face Wash

This face wash was big, I was excited.  I love washing my face.  I was a little bit scared about the charcoal in the wash.  I don’t know why, but that’s something that I don’t necessarily want on my face.  This face wash smelled amazing, it’s what I want my bathrooms to smell like all the time.  I got lavender out of it, but I could be trippin because I didn’t see it in the ingredients.  I was taken aback when I saw the color of the wash…

Charcoal Facewash

It was really dark, but the exfoliating beads felt amazing on my face.  I would def buy this.  This face wash made you feel like you spent an hour in a mud mask.

Pixi, Lash Booster Mascara


I freakin hate mascara samples.  They’re always too small, and black (weird, small and black don’t go together…).  I like to use dark brown mascara, black can sometimes be too much for me (I’m pale as shit).  Just looking at this mascara sample makes me mad.  I hate the wand, it definitely didn’t boost my lashes, and it was a little clumpy.  Not a fan.

The Verdict:  Everything in my bag smelled good.  I was disappointed when I saw the card that comes with every Glam Bag…

Glam Room

I would’ve wayyy rather had something from Urban Decay. Smashbox, Nailtini, or Chella… I got all the lame stuff this month.  Overall, I thought my bag was pretty dumb for back to school (please note, I’m totally making up this theme).  Back to school is all about new makeup, like bold lip colors, dry shampoo, fall nails, maybe even a new eyeliner.  This was not my fave bag, but I don’t hate it.

I would rather spend $10 on this Glam Bag than the following:

  • 9 McDoubles’s from McDonald’s with onions (I hate onions).
  • 1 OPI nail polish.
  • 2 $5 scratch off’s (I always lose).
  • 1 box of wine.

Hopefully next month will be better, I have faith in Ipsy.

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