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It’s really easy to turn an ill-fitting dress into a skirt…

DIY Lace Skirt

I hate the fit of a lot of dresses that I own.  Sometimes I accidentally shrink them, sometimes I buy them on sale and realize they’re ugly when I get home, and sometimes I misjudge the fit.  Misjudging the fit can happen all the time when you order clothes (especially from Forever 21).  All you really need to turn an old dress into a new skirt is fabric scissors, liquid stitch, and some form of elastic to use as a waistband.  This DIY literally took me about 30 minutes, and I wore my skirt to work the next day.

Start off with an old dress.

Easy Skirt Tutorial

I used an old lace dress.  I think I’ve worn this dress once, and regretted it immediately after.  The dress was too short, the back was cut extremely low, and I hate this color on me.  I ended up throwing this dress in my maroon dye bath a few weeks ago, as an attempt to save it.

DIY Skirt

Cut your dress right under the arm holes.  This will give you the maximum amount of fabric to work with, better too long than too short.  Once you’ve made the big cut, cut a 1- 2 inch slit along the side seam (or just the side if your dress has a back seam).  After cutting the slit, turn the fabric inside out and fold the top over.  This is going to be where your waistband will go.  Use a thin line of fabric glue to secure the folded fabric… I’m sure sewing it would look much better, but I don’t really have the patience for that.  If your dress has an overlay (like mine), you will most likely have to glue down each piece of fabric separately.  I had to glue the lining down first, and then the lace.

Easy DIY Skirt

Use a safety or bobby pin to guide your waistband through your skirt.  This is always my least favorite part.  Once your waistband has made it all the way through, use a needle and thread to stitch it together.  Thread is a lot more durable than glue, even if your stitches suck.  If you want to take it a step further, sew the fabric together to cover your waistband.