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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

1.  Pump Up The Jam


Normally, I like to stick with Organix shampoo… but when I went to Target recently, pumps were all the rage.  All of the bigger cheap brands had huge bottles of shampoo and condish with pumps (Garnier, Herbal Essences, Tresemme, Pantene…).  I had to have the pump.  Each bottle was only $5.50, and I don’t need to worry about buying shampoo and condish for like two months.  I love the pumps, I feel like I’m using expensive salon shampoo.

2.  BB Cream, For Hair

BB Cream

I vaguely remember seeing something about BB cream for your hair, but didn’t think twice about it.  I really like Pantene hair products, so I picked it up.  It smells amazing, and it made my hair feel good.  I felt like I was wearing a sweet ass wig.  I wayyy prefer hair BB cream to makeup BB cream.

3.  I Love A Fall Hayride

Fall Scents

I was thrilled when I noticed that Glade has rolled out fall scents.  I saw the green candle and thought Rosemary Sage was back, until it wasn’t.  When I noticed that it was a completely different scent, I was sad.  However, this candle smells exactly like fall, it’s right up there with a Yankee candle.  I bought one for every room in my house. I still miss my Rosemary Sage, but Fall Hayride is sickening.

4.  Sweaters + Jorts


Oversized sweaters are the best.  They’re cozy, comfortable, and always look effortless in a good way.  It’s been too hot rock them with jeans, so I’ve been werqin the shizz out of them with jorts.  It’s my new weekend look, for now.

5.  Fresh Cucumbers + Tzatziki


Since summer is coming to an end, so is a lot of fresh produce.  I need to eat all of my snacks before they go bad.  I’ve been getting down and dirty with tzatziki sauce, feta, and veggies.  It’s always delish, I could eat tzatziki for every meal.

My Hate of The Week

I hate it when this happens…


It makes me insanely angry when the bottom of my heel gets lost.  I don’t know how this happens, but shoes should be constructed better.  I was beyond pissed that these shoes were destroyed within a month of getting them… Thanks Victoria’s Secret, obviously these were on sale because they suck.

Frock Hard*