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Back to school can be stressful for big girls (and boys).  I know that I miss going back to school… rocking a new outfit to work just isn’t the same.  That first week can be rough for Moms and Mr. Moms too.  They have to get up early, pick out outfits, and pack lunches… times two, three, four, even eight (that seems to be a popular number thanks to Octomom + Kate Gosselin).  Back to school is even hard for teachers, the end of summer is always depressing.  Relief is right at the tip of your fingers, in the form of pepper infused vodka.

Start off with a bottle of vodka.


I happen to be very loyal to Absolut… duh, they sponsor Drag Race.  Pour the vodka into a container with a lid.  I like using mason jars because they’re fierce, but you could use any old pitcher.

Fresh Produce

I have an abundance of red chillies that I need to use up, so that’s what I chose to infuse this vodka with.  You can also use any color bell pepper, a habanero (I have one, but I’m terrified to touch it), banana peppers, jalapenos, or any type of pepper… just be sure that you’re comfortable with the spiciness.  Remove the stems from your peppers.  You could also remove the seeds and cut the peppers into chunks, but I like it hot.

Add Chillies

Add your peppers to the vodka.  Store in a cool dry place for 3 days (72 hours).

Strain Vodka

Carefully strain the vodka to remove any pepper residue and/or seeds.

DIY Spicy Vodka

You can put your newly infused vodka straight in the fridge/freezer, or package it to give to a friend in need.  When I give the gift of cocktail, I always add a garnish.  You wouldn’t leave your house without an accessory, would you?… No, so put something in the vodka to beautify it (like a pepper, or a piece of one).  Spicy vodka tastes amazing when used for Bloody Mary’s.  It can also be a great substitute for cayenne pepper and water when doing the lemon + cayenne cleanse… if you’re a raging alcoholic.