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A little can of spray paint can go a long way.

Metallic Paint

I’ve never been one to like metallics, but I’ve fallen head over heels for this copper spray paint.  I have a whole newfound appreciation for the color copper… I love it.  I discovered this spray paint while working on accessories for Wellson, and I had almost an entire can left over.  I couldn’t just let it sit on a shelf, so I decided to do something with it.

Spray Paint DIY

You can pretty much spray paint anything, so I went around my house and selected a few items that could benefit from a little copper love.

  • I found some scuffed cap-toe shoes that I’m not ready to let go of.
  • I found a really old black tee, which happens to be my one and only black tee.  I hate the color black.
  • I found a boring pair of sunnies.  I have like 4 other pairs that are exactly the same.

Easy DIY

  • I knew that I could cover the scuff marks on my shoes with a little bit of spray paint.  I also thought the copper shade would give my kicks a nice little fall makeover.  So, I covered the pink part of my shoe with duct tape to protect it from the paint.
  • I thought I could spray paint a sweet design onto my plain black shirt, then I remembered that I have no art skills.  I plucked a giant leaf off of one of my sunflowers to use as a stencil instead.  Spray painting around the leaf would give my gross shirt a sexy makeover.
  • I don’t own any metallic sunnies, nor do I ever see any.  Am I onto something?… maybe.  It took me forever to cover the lenses with duct tape, thank god there was a housewives marathon on.

Easy Spray Paint DIY

After everything was set up, I went outside and gots ta sprayin.

Copper Shoes

J’adore the way the shoes turned out.  I’m thinking about adding copper caps to a pair of nude pumps.

DIY Spray Paint

The copper sunnies turned out well too, but I did have to clean the lenses off with nail polish remover.  I’m totally digging my new copper and black shirt.  There’s just enough paint on it to generate a little interest… it’s like fall festival perfection, werq.

Frock You*