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Twinning is cute if you’re little…


Funny if you’re a guy…

Man Twins

But the worst thing ever if you don’t have a penis, and are above the age of 15.  It’s insanely easy to show up wearing the exact same outfit as someone else.  Jeans and a white tee?… you probably have octuplets.  Black pencil skirt and white button up?… triplets.  Anything from Old Navy, Target, or American Eagle?… at least one twin.  Aside from mixing things up by accessorizing, you should keep a few essentials stashed in case of a fashion emergency.

1.  Always have a neutral sweater/scarf.


A long cardi can switch things up like whoa.  You can cinch the waist, roll the sleeves, or werq it as is.  I like to keep a camel colored one with me at all times, camel matches black, brown, gray, white, and navy… smart choice.  A scarf also has the ability to transform an outfit.  If two people are wearing the same exact dress and one throws on a scarf, the two dresses look totally different.

2.  Keep a thin belt in your purse.


A belt changes the silhouette of whatever you’re wearing.  It can break up a baggy shift dress, and add structure to a tee dress.  You can do a million things with a belt.  To un-twin, put a sweater over a dress/skirt, belt the bottom of it at your waist, and fluff the excess fabric so it covers the belt (it’s like a faux tuck)… your dress and sweater will look sickening.

3.  Change your hair.


You should never leave the house without a handful of bobby pins, headband, and ponytail holder.  If you and your twin have the same hair, put yours up or take it down. Tease the crown and pin a few pieces into a half up look.  Rock a messy updo, but keep it clean with a headband.  Change your part.  The possibilities are endless.

Just remember, you still can win if you twin.

Shut The Frock Up*