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I love fall scarves, and I cannot lie.

DIY Fall Scarf

You other brothers can’t deny, when a girl walks in wit an itty bitty waist, and some fabric round’ her face… you get sprung.  Yeah, I do too.  I love a scarf.  Scarves can get you through a bad hair day, a bad outfit day, or just any day in general.  They’re always functional, comfortable, and gorge.  It’s easy to make a unique infinity scarf from an old dress or shirt. Start off with an old dress/shirt.

Upcycle An Old Dress

Cut a thick strip off of the bottom of your dress/shirt.  I like my strip to be about one foot long.  My dress happened to have pockets, so I cut them off.  You could probably stitch them shut, but I l ike to do things that require the least amount of work possible.

Easy DIY Scarf

Turn the fabric inside out, fold the jagged edges over, and use fabric glue to secure them.  Flip your scarf back once the glue dries (so it’s facing the right way).  I like to use different things to accent each scarf.  With this particular scarf, I decided to use strips of faux leather to cover up the seams.  You can also use a brooch, beads, plain old thread, or even ribbon.  Cinch the scarf at the seam, wrap a strip of fabric around, and use fabric glue to secure (in the back).  Repeat this on the other side.

DIY Scarf

I’m obsessed with anything camel colored.  It’s so hot right now.

Rock Out With Your Frock Out*