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J’adore a cozy knit.

Easy DIY Sweater Skirt

I can’t resist a sweater dress.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like, I’ll probably buy it.  When a dress just doesn’t work for me anymore, I turn it into a skirt… and it’s really easy.  I’ve been making a lot of sweater skirts due to my abundance of sweater dresses, and because they’re fierce hunty.

All you need to turn one out is:

  • An old sweater dress
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Elastic
  • Needle + thread

Sweater Skirt DIY

I went with a black cowl neck sweater dress.  I haven’t worn this dress in like two years, I don’t like the short sleeves.  I decided to cut the cowl portion off to use as a scarf later, double duty.  Then I cut straight across, right below the arm holes of the dress.  I was left with a rather large tube of fabric, which is perfect for a slouchy pencil skirt.  The next steps are trés simple.

DIY Sweater Skirt

Cut a 1 – 2 inch slit at the top of your skirt, along the side seam.  Fold the fabric over, and use a thin line of fabric glue to secure.  This will be the waist of your skirt.

Fall Sweater Skirt

Measure a strip of elastic (or stretchy fabric) to fit your waist.  Use a bobby or safety-pin to guide the elastic through the waistband.  Once the elastic has reached the other side, use a needle and thread to stitch it together… these don’t have to be pretty stitches.  Then sew the sweater fabric together to cover the elastic.

Sweater Skirt

This sweater skirt turned out to be one of my faves.  It’s like business and a party at the same time… kinda like a mullet, or a hi-low hem.  The silhouette makes it appropriate for the office, but the cozy knit makes it feel casual… werq.

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