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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

1.  Color Whisper, Pink Wink

Fall Lips

I’m not typically a lipstick fan, I prefer a lip crayon.  However, I really liked a lot of the Color Whisper colors earlier this year so I figured that I’d try one in a deeper shade.  I have really fair skin so I tend to stick to fuschia’s rather than reds.  I went with the shade Pink Wink, it’s a deep mauve-y color with a hint of shimmer.  This color is dark enough to add interest to your face without overwhelming it.  I think Pink Wink would be flattering on all skin tones, buy it.

2.  Sinful Colors, Coffee


I’ve been looking for a camel colored nail polish for a few weeks now, and I can’t seem to find a good one.  I refuse to pay more than $8 for a nail polish… I mean why the hell would you when a mani is like $10.  Michael Kors has a few sickening nail shades, but I will absolutely not pay $18 for it… screw that, I can get four venti lattes for that price and I bet that shit chips easily (Chanel does).  Anyway, I stumbled upon this little gem at Rite Aid.  It’s a Sinful Colors nail polish in the shade coffee.  Brown is my fave color, so I’m happy with it.  I like the consistency, it dries quickly, and it’s a warmer alternative to deep reds and black.

3.  Victoria’s Secret, Enchanted Nights

Victorias's Secret

Having a go-to scent is a staple for most people, but not me.  I want to smell different all the time, it just depends on the day.  I tend to gravitate towards cleaner scents in the summer, and warm ambers and sandalwood when it cools down.  I was thrilled when I went to Vic’s website and saw that they had fall scents, I’m soo over these summer smells.  I ordered a bunch of products, not knowing what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised with the Enchanted Nights scent.  I haven’t even tried the others yet, but I’ll probably like them too.

4.  Göt2b, Kinkier Curl Cream

Curl Cream

I ran out of sea salt spray this week, and pretty much had a mental breakdown about it.  I need sea salt spray, all day, every day.  I ran to Rite Aid to get a quick replacement until I have time to go to Ulta, and göt2b products were on sale… buy 1, get 1.  I decided to pick this curl cream up, when I got to work I surprise tested it on a male coworker.  He turned into a greasy mess, and it scared me.  I think I just used too much product on him, when I tried this cream it was perfection.  I’ve been applying it to damp hair after showers, and it eliminates all frizz.

5.  Xhileration Tights


I hate the ugly footless tights that are always at Target.  Why the hell would I buy footless tights?… and they’re always in little kid colors like hot pink and sea foam green.  I saw this beautimous pair of tights swimming in a sea of footless tights.  I was beyond happy that they had feet, and I love the color.  I always see chocolate brown tights, but not burnt sienna.  These will pair amazingly well with burgundy, creams, nude, black… everything in my wardrobe… and they’re comfortable.

My Hate of The Week

A quick office lunch…


I freakin hate it when I have no time for lunch, and I eat weird shizz.  A plate full of french fries and red bull is depressing, and it makes me look like a fat ass.  A bowl of cheese cubes isn’t much better either.  When I do happen to have something healthy like oatmeal and a luna bar, all I want is pizza.  I know it’s good to get out of the office every day, but sometimes a bitch has mad work to do.  Maybe I should start making sammies to take to work, because I try to avoid the microwave at all costs (but soggy bread sucks).  I wish someone would invent a pill that was equal to one meal, for busy bees like myself.

Shut The Frock Up*