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I’ve been sooo busy that I forgot about my monthly subscriptions.


So, it was a nice surprise to find this in my mailbox.  Since I forgot about it, I didn’t really have any expectations.  My box (the Birch one) could’ve had a granola bar in it, and I wouldn’t have even been mad.  Here’s what I got:

Serge Normant, Hairspray: Full Size, $25


Not excited about this, but not disgusted.  The sample was a nice size, and I liked the packaging.  The hairspray itself didn’t smell like a anything, there was virtually no scent.  I’m not sure how I feel about a scentless hairspray, J’adore a fragrance.  The spray left my hair a bit crunchy, which I hate.  I don’t use hairspray often, I’ve kind of replaced it with dry shampoo and sea salt spray.  Maybe I’ll use this in some sort of top knot emergency, but it will likely chill out in my bathroom cabinet.

Caudalie, Hand & Nail Cream: Full Size, $15


I was pleasantly surprised with the size of this sample.  Usually, any lotion samples that I receive are teeny tiny one use-ers.  I’ve never used a hand cream, I stick with my regular lotions.  When seasons change, my skin is a hot mess and I feel like my hands have been really rough lately… perfect timing for hand cream.  I like the scent of this lotion, it’s a little mandrin-y.  I’ll def sit this on my desk and use the shizz out of it.

Mally Beauty, Volumizing Mascara: Full Size, $20


This mascara was cute, and fairly large.  However, I’m slightly picky about mascaras.  I like to use a brownish black or dark brown scara, and this one’s black.  The mascara didn’t stand out to me, it seemed generic and I didn’t like the wand.  Had I noticed that Mally was a Baltimore based company before I tried the mascara, I probably would’ve liked this product… because that’s where I’m sitting right now,


on this beautimous day.

BCBGMAXAZRIA, Bon Genre: Full Size, $55 – $75


I think perfume samples are stupid.  They’re a nuisance, I can’t sit them in my bathroom because they tumble all over the place.  Perhaps I should get a fancy bowl or something to put all of my fragrance samples in.  This perfume smells okay, but I’m not a huge fan.  I’m into woodsy and warm scents, especially this time of year.

RUFFIAN, Nail Laquer in Fox Hunt: Full Size, $10

Fall Nail Polish

Love the bottle, hate the color.  Well, I hate the color for myself.  I like thick opaque shades, this is slightly shimmery and seems like it would have a pearly finish.  I wish the polish was a darker shade, because I’m not even going to try it.

The Verdict

This months Birchbox is kind of like a girl… it’s pretty and everything, but not my type.  I would rather spend $10 on this Birchbox than the following:

  • A tank top on the clearance rack at Old Navy.
  • A candy bar that Boy Scouts are selling outside of the grocery store.
  • A scrunchy made out of fake hair from Rite Aid.

Better luck next month.

Frock On*