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Once my Birchbox arrives, I get really antsy for my Glam Bag.  I used to get them around the same time, now my Glam Bag shows up about a week and a half later.  I hate it when things ship from the west coast, it takes forevs and I get ants in the pants waiting.

Glam Bag

When my Glam Bag finally came I had high expectations.  I wanted it to include a fall blush and nail polish, why?… I don’t know.  I think this bag is fugly, I don’t like blue and black together.  It’s okay, but it’s not a color combo that I gravitate towards.  I would like the lace pattern on the bag, if it didn’t look like I got drunk and did a lacy doodle.  Aside from that, the bag is a nice size, it seems sturdy, and the zipper is cute.  Here’s what was inside…

Freeman, Paper Face Masks (3)

Face Mask

I was actually really excited about these little guys.  I love a face mask, and there were three!  I’ve never encountered a face mask that I don’t like.  I decided to try the star fruit mask… I thought that looked the most unappealing, and I wanted to save the best for last (which is obvi the rose).  I don’t know if it’s just because sometimes I’m an idiot, but I had trouble putting this on.  I felt like I needed someone else to put it on me.  I peeled the whole back off, and I was left with a floppy wet paper that kept folding inwards.  When I finally got it on, the part that was supposed to cover my nose was folded up, I couldn’t get it down and it made me sad.  After Buzzfeeding for twenty minutes, I peeled it off.  My skin did feel amazing, but somehow I managed to get mask residue in my eyes.  In the end, I loved the mask and I’m excited to try the other two… but when I had it on, I felt like the art freak in Mean Girls with bologna on his face.

It’s So B!g, Mascara 


I just went over this in my Birchbox review, I freakin hate mascara samples.  They’re always black, and I like to use brownish-black.  I rarely even try these mascara samples.  I took one look at the wand, and was like hell to the no.  This mascara looked really clumpy, and the wand looked messy.  If I tried this, it would likely end up all over my lids.

J.Cats, Lipstick In Honeycrisp


I seriously thought this was a concealer stick, until I read the label.  This is one of the ugliest lipstick colors that I’ve ever seen, the only shade worse would be a frosty pink.  I can’t think of one skin tone that this lipstick would flatter.  I did apply the lipstick to see if it would magically turn a flattering shade when on, it didn’t.  It looked like I covered my lips in foundation, not cute.  I’m not even going to add this to my lipstick collection… it’s going straight in the trash.  On the flip side, the texture was nice it’s just an awful shade.

NYX, Eyeshadow In Cryptonite


Love.  I switch over to grey liner during fall and winter, and this shade is ideal for my crease.  This shadow is smokey eye perfection.  It does appear dark, but it’s slightly sheer and very blendable.  I usually don’t like a lot of shimmer, but it works here.  Speaking of NYX, I’ve heard that Target now carries their products.  I wanted to get a new fall blush by NYX, but I couldn’t find the products at my Target… what the frock, that shizz is a Super Target too.

Starlooks, Eyeliner In Obsidian


Not impressed.  I don’t like black eyeliner, my skin is too fair.  I stick with chocolate browns and greys.  The liner is large, but I probably won’t use it.  The texture was alright, nothing special.  Something about the actual pencil gives me the chills, like nails on a chalkboard chills… I don’t know what it is, but it’s coated in something that I don’t like.

EM Cosmetics, Out To Lunch Palette Sample


I like these colors, but I’m not sure how I could realistically apply them to test out.  I might stash this in my desk in case of makeup emergency.  The packaging looks cute, but I don’t think I would buy Michelle Phan makeup.  That could change tomorrow though.

The Verdict

The masks and eyeshadow made this bag worth it.  They were definitely the stars, and everything else was a lame extra.  I would rather spend $10 on this Glam Bag than the following:

  • A stuffed toy for Gus, because he will destroy within minutes.


  • 10 rentals from Redbox.
  • A necklace with a moustache on it.

I hope October’s bag isn’t Halloween-y, I hate costume makeup.

Frock Out*