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Sometimes when you take a step back from your closet, you realize that you have a ton of the same thing… like tee shirts.

Plain Tee

When I did this to my own closet, I noticed that I had this problem.  So, I decided to turn it out.  It’s easy to update a basic tee with embellishments, collars, or trim.  All you need to shake up your wardrobe is a glue gun, some fabric or beads, and a plain tee.


I used a broken necklace to jazz up my tee.  Once you decide what you’re going to use, lay everything out to see how it looks.  When you finalize a design, take a picture (so you don’t forget).

Tee Shirt DIY

Use a piece of cardboard to pull the tee nice and taut.  Heat up your glue gun (you can also use regular fabric glue), and get your glue on.

Embellished Tee

When everything dries, it’s like your shirt went through an episode of “What Not To Wear”.  New and improved, hunty.

Fall Metallics

Since I’ve been feeling purple and gold recently, I decided to pair my new shirt with a metallic skirt.  I toned it down a notch with nude pumps and a long camel cardi.  Who knew, you could rock a gold mini in broad daylight?

Frock You*