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J’adore fall decor.

Rustic Vase

Fall decor works for me because I loooove warm shades.  I’m also into natural elements, which happen to be right on trend.  I needed a stylish way to display flowers this season, and I fell in love with this easy DIY vase.  Here’s how you can turn out your own…

DIY Rustic Vase

You’ll need the following:

  • A square or cylinder vase (you can find tons of inexpensive options at Michael’s and Ikea).
  • A measuring tool.
  • Twigs (I collected mine outside, but you can buy a bundle at Michael’s)
  • A glue gun.
  • Gardening shears.
  • Twine.

Clean The Twigs

Use a wet paper towel or lysol wipe to clean the surface of the twigs.  This helps remove any excess specks that could fall off and leave a small mess.  I hate messes.

Fall Decor

Measure your vase, and use your gardening shears to cut your twigs that length.  It’s okay if your twigs aren’t perfect… imperfect werqs here.

DIY Fall Vase

Use a glue gun to secure each twig to your vase.  I didn’t have a technique for this, I just chose my first twig and rolled with it.  After gluing the initial twig, it was like trial and error.  I made sure to test each twig before gluing, to ensure a snug fit.  When the glue is dry, tie a bow of twine around the vase.  This will hold the twigs in place (if any become loose), and give everything a finished look.

Twig Vase

A twig vase is an amazing seasonal centerpiece.  You can keep it understated with white roses, or go all out with orange and marigold blooms.  I personally think simple is chic.

Frock On*