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I didn’t think my week could get any lamer than last week, but it did.  I didn’t even buy one new product to try, with the exception of red pepper hummus…. so I don’t have a top five today.  Instead, I thought I’d do another quick and easy DIY.

Shot glasses are like the least stylish glass of them all.  I feel like college students are the only people who use them, I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually used a shot glass.  I decided if these bitches are going to sit in my cabinet, they totes need a makeover.

Easy DIY

There’s nothing wrong with these little guys, they’re fairly classy for a shot glass.  They just bore me.  I’m Gone With The Wind fabulous, so I expect everything in my house to be too.  Here’s how you can make your glasses über stylish…

Shot Glass DIY

Use tape to section off your glasses.  You can  use shot glasses, stemless wine glasses, mugs, vases, whatever your little heart desires.

Shot Glasses

Use spray paint to lightly coat the portion of the glass that’s showing.  It would probably look better if you dipped the glasses, but ain’t nobody got time for that.  Spray paint is fast as shizz.  Turn the glasses upside down to dry, this helps the paint even out (especially if you’re an aggressive spray painter, like myself).  Once the paint has dried, use a gloss or finishing spray.

DIY Shotglasses

Carefully remove the tape to reveal your finished glasses.  I was not careful, and I prematurely peeled.  Had I waited, these glasses would be sickening.  Screw the newest “it” bag, metallic shot glasses are the perfect accessory.

In other news…

Fun Fact

You learn something new every day.

Werq the rest of your weekend.

Frock You*