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I love lace.

Lace Pocket

I always seem to have scraps of lace, and I never know what to do with them.  I tend to have lace leftover from headbands, collars, scarves, and shrunken dresses.  It’s never that much, but I don’t like throwing it away… which is weird because I throw everything away.  I’ve come to realize that you can completely change the look of a basic tee with a little lace pocket (and it requires no sewing)!  Here’s the how-to…

Start off with a tee that has a pocket.

Pocket Tee

A square pocket will be easier to work with.  Measure each edge of the pocket, or trace the pocket onto a piece of paper.

Lace Square

Cut the measured shape out of a piece of lace.  Leave about 0.5 – 1 inch of excess fabric at the top.

Place The Lace

Carefully attach the lace to the pocket, using fabric glue.  Place a thin line of glue at the top of the excess fabric, fold over (into pocket), and press firmly (to attach lace to the inside).


Obviously, my shirt’s a lot cooler now.  I turned that zero into a hero.

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