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Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be tricky…. but I’ve managed to find one that can work for everyone.

Easy Halloween Costume

Oh yes hunty, The Wiggles.  At work the topic of Halloween costumes came up, and we started talking about how funny it would to see a group of Wiggles at a bar.  Shockingly, I’ve never seen The Wiggles at any parties, bar crawls, or trick-or-treating.  With all the fuss about Emma (the girl wiggle),

The Wiggles

I think it’s time for that to change.  BTW, when did Bobby Flay become the red wiggle?  Anyways, here’s how to turn out your very own costume…

Easy DIY Costume

Start off with any type of shirt in red, yellow, blue, or purple.  I found this yellow crewneck sweatshirt on sale at Old Navy for $12.  Remember, your shirt can be modified… so it really doesn’t matter what it looks like (feel free to check the boys sections for shirts too).  You’ll also need photo transfer paper, it’s available at Staples.

DIY Wiggles Costume

Google “Printable Wiggles Logo”, find one you like and save.  You’ll need to print this as a mirrored image.  I uploaded my logo here, and pressed a button to mirror it (then I cropped it).  Once you have your logo ready, place the transfer paper in your printer and print.  When the logo has printed, use pinking shears to cut it out (you can use regular scissors, but I like fancy edges).  Leave about a 1/2 inch of paper around the logo, this makes it easier to peel off.

Halloween Costume DIY

Place the logo where you want it, turn your iron on (do NOT use steam), and iron.  Press firmly and go across the logo swiftly until it starts to stick.  Directions may vary, but if you continue to iron once the logo is sticking… it will burn and look gross.  After ironing, let your shirt cool off for 3-5 minutes.  The cool off is the most important part, you’ll ruin everything if you’re not patient.  When cool, gently peel the paper off of the shirt (slow and steady).


Modify your shirt.  I chose to cut the “bands” off of my shirt, to give it a slouchy feel.  This is the best part, because you have the ability to make it work for you…

  • If you want to be stylish, tuck your shirt into a black pencil skirt and rock pin curls & red lips.
  • If you want to show off your hot bod, crop the shirt and pair it with high-waisted black shorts and black tights.
  • If you’re taking your kids trick-or treating (or you’re a teacher), pair the shirt with boyfriend jeans and flats.
  • If you want to serve up hipster, give your shirt fake wear and tear and work it with black skinnies and black frames.
  • If you want to be authentic, wear nerdy slacks.