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Here’s a few things that I was into this week, and one that I wasn’t… TV edition!

1.  Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy

Shockingly, I’ve been watching this show since season 2… but I’ve never liked it as much as I do now.  Perhaps it’s because a lot of my old shows ended (like Gossip Girl), but now I live for Tuesday nights.  Sons is almost as dramatic as Housewives, it’s just masked with motorcycles.  Katey Sagal is flawless, and Sean Finnerty (Donal Logue) as a villan is everything.

2.  American Horror Story: Coven


I didn’t watch Murder House or Asylum, I get scared easily.  However, I felt very left out… American Horror Story is everywhere.  After seeing glamorous black booties in the commercials, I decided to give Coven a try.  I like witches (like Sabrina and The Sanderson Sisters), and I think I was one of twelve people distraught that The Secret Circle was cancelled.  I loved everything about Coven, the chic witch school, Emma Roberts, and even Kathy Bates in a blood mask.  I’m into gross, but I don’t do ghosts.

3.  RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Lost Season

RuPaul's Drag Race

It’s about damn time.  Seeing a skinny Shannel is so weird.  This season is tough to watch due to fuzziness, I feel like my eyes are going bad… but pop up Ru makes it worth watching.  Remember Pop Up Video?… well throughout each episode Ru (from 2013, not 2008) pops up in little bubbles with hysterical one liners.  I love Ru.

4.  Once Upon A Time


Ginnifer Goodwin is fierce with long hair, I’m obsessed with this look.  Once can be ridiculously confusing, but the old school fairy tale costumes are sickening.

5.  Real Housewives of Miami  

Real Housewives of Miami

I’m beyond over the family drama of Jersey (bring back Kim G)… since nobody in the Miami cast is related, it feels refreshing.  I can’t tell if Marysol has gone crazy, or if she’s drunk all the time.  Adriana’s request to have guests change outfits at her fake wedding is completely mental, but I want to be a part of it.

My Hate of The Week

DVR limitations.


Obviously, I love TV.  What I hate is that you can’t record more than two shows at the same time.  What I hate even more is that when two shows are recording, you have to watch one of those shows or something that’s already on your DVR.  WTF, what if I want to watch the news while Top Chef and Coven are recording?… I can’t.  I’m stuck watching a reject show on my DVR, like Fashion Police from two weeks ago.  You should be able to watch whatever you want while two shows record.

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