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It’s that time of the month again…


You know, monthly subscription time!  The only time I ever check my mail is when I get an email letting me know my Birchbox was shipped.  Speaking of mail, have you seen the lazy postal worker video?  My mail lady is exactly like this woman (except she wears her uniform), she straight up pulls all the way up in my driveway to drop off packages.  Anyway, I wasn’t really expecting much this month, but a  glossy black nail polish would’ve been nice.  Here’s what I got…

Liz Earle, Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser + Pure Muslin Cloth: Full Size, $21.50 (cleanser) and $6 (2 cloths)


Gorgeous packaging, I almost thought Birchbox sent me something from Tiffany.  Upon opening, I was disappointed.  I’m extremely grossed out by reusable cloths, I don’t even allow washcloths in my house (everyone must use a poof).  Just thinking about having a used cloth with makeup residue on it makes me gag.  The size of the cream wasn’t bad, it smelled divine.  It seriously smelled like I died and went to an herbal heaven.  I used this as a face wash (with no cloth) and it felt good, it was like a tingly delight.

Benefit, Fakeup: Full Size, $24


I was really excited about this, because I love benefit products.  The sample was adorbs, it looked like a fancy mini lipstick.  When I opened it, I was like what the hell.


There was hardly any product,  It looked like a wee little dot of concealer in the middle of a chunk of chapstick.  The packaging had to have cost more than the actual product.  I thought this product must be amazing, and that’s why it’s so small… nope.  I had high hopes for this concealer, and I hated it.  I felt like it didn’t cover anything, and it drew attention to problem areas by making them greasy.  Maybe this would be good for someone with ridiculously dry skin.

POP, Aqua Lacquer: Full Size, $14

Lip Gloss

Fabulous size, but the color is totally summer not fall.  I hate gloss, it gets all over my hands and my hair gets stuck to my lips.  I was intrigued by the lip plumper in this though, I have small lips.  I don’t think the plumper actually works, but I do feel a slight tingle.  This gloss is sooo sticky.

Birchbox Find: ChapStick


Really?  This is the Birchbox Find?  I could find this myself at Target, or even a gas station.  I liked this Chapstick, I like all chapsticks… but there was nothing special about it.  It’s not like it actually stayed on my lips for 8 hours.  I also don’t love vanilla lip products, I prefer minty flavors/scents.

The Verdict

I guess this box was pretty lame.  I wouldn’t really use any of the products included, with the exception of the chapstick.  I would rather spend $10 on the following than this Birchbox:

  •  3 EOS lip balms.
  • 2 boxes of girl scout cookies (thin mints or berry munch).
  • 1 summer dress on the sale rack at Old Navy.
  • 4 Glade candles, in the scent Fall Hayride.

I hope Birchbox doesn’t “find” granola bars to send in November for Thanksgiving.

Rock Out With Your Frock Out*