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J’adore feathers.

DIY Feather Headband

Feathers can go one of two ways, classy or trashy.  I see them as classy and glamorous, feathered headpieces and skirts are everything.  The second you put on a feathered boa, you feel good.

Bag of Feathers

However, feathers that clip into your hair are disgusting and over.  A feathered headband in natural shades is so chic, especially during this season (hello Thanksgiving).  Here’s how you can serve up feathered realness…


You’ll need a bag of feathers, an elastic headband (although you could probably use a hard one too), ribbon, scissors, and glue.  You can get the type of headband I used (above) from Target for $2.  I got my feathers from Michael’s for like $1.

Headband DIY

Cut your headband so it’s no longer a circle.  Measure the headband against your head to figure out what length you want to go for (I went for temple to temple), then cut off the excess portion.  Use tape to attach your headband to a hard surface.  I like to use cereal or beer boxes, if I make a mess I can just throw it away.  Use a glue gun to attach feathers to the headband.  You will have to play around a bit, and do a little snipping and bending.  I positioned each feather before gluing, to make sure it looked good.  Let everything dry.

Easy Thanksgiving Headband

Cut two pieces of ribbon, long enough to go around your head and tie.  Glue each ribbon to one end of the headband.  You can rock your new headband as soon as it dries!

Feather Headband

I love this headband, it looks sickening with sweaters, boots, and messy waves.  Autumn perfection.

Frock Off*